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Didi restores late night travel service. Didi operates late night. Which drivers can take orders?

Didi company announced today that it will resume late night travel service from the 15th. Night operation rules will be tried out, and 1000 drivers' safety services can only be received late at night. So not all drivers can accept orders. For those drivers who are not good enough, there is no chance to accept orders.

Didi introduced that after receiving the "emergency notice on Further Strengthening the safety management of online reservation taxi and private minibus joint ride" issued by the Ministry of transport and the Ministry of public security on September 10, Didi company seriously organized learning and actively carried out self inspection and self correction. At the same time, we will start the comprehensive compliance work of online car Hailing as soon as possible, and actively guide the drivers of express train to sign up for the examination and apply for the vehicle license.

During the safety renovation, due to the need for intensive testing and optimization of the functions of various safety products, Didi suspended the late night travel service except for Valet driving and cycling, which brought inconvenience to everyone's travel. Hereby, we apologize to all the affected passengers and drivers. In the past week, under the comprehensive influence of the gradual landing of various safety measures of the platform and the late night shutdown of the service, the number of conflicts per million orders decreased from 52.2 to 44.7.

From September 15, Didi will resume the late night travel service according to the original plan, and will try out the late night operation rules. During the trial operation, the drivers of express (including Uber and Youxiang) and special vehicles shall meet the conditions of registration for more than half a year and safety service for more than 1000 orders in the late night (23:00-5:00).

The progress of the safety renovation stage is as follows:

1. After the launch of the new one button alarm, an average of 180000 people click to enter the page every day, of which more than 99% of users are mainly for understanding the function, and the number of actual calls to 110 is a single digit. During the trip, when passengers use the one button alarm function, they will automatically send the passenger position and vehicle information to the emergency contact person. However, due to the limitation of objective conditions, it is temporarily unable to automatically synchronize the information to the police. We are actively exploring solutions with local public security departments;

2. Continuously conduct safety audit for all drivers, which requires no criminal record, three passes (ID card, driver's license and driving license) and face recognition before driving every day;

3. The whole recording has been put into trial operation since September 8. The recording files are directly encrypted and saved to ensure the privacy of the company and passengers. No travel disputes will be automatically deleted after 7 days. After the trial operation of the recording function, it will not only deter potential verbal sexual harassment and uncivilized behaviors, but also help to fairly resolve the disputes between drivers and passengers. At present, the recording function has covered 78.9% of all orders. It is recommended that users who have not updated didi app update as soon as possible to increase travel safety;

4. Between September 4 and 14, 6.98 million passengers added emergency contacts. In order to ensure that relatives and friends can quickly contact with the police and obtain travel information in time when necessary, it is recommended that users add emergency contacts as soon as possible and use the travel sharing function;

5. On September 13, the driver safety training plan was launched, in which the safety knowledge test covered all the drivers on the line on that day, the passing rate of the test was 99.3%, and the drivers who failed to pass the test could not send out the car to receive orders;

6. From September 4 to 14, the number of major safety customer service personnel in customer service department increased by three times. In the future, the professional ability of customer service team will be continuously built, the work order circulation mechanism will be optimized, and the handling efficiency of police card transfer and safety complaints will be further improved;

7. Sufficient rest for drivers is an important guarantee for travel safety. At present, the app on the driver's side has been on-line with the function of anti fatigue driving. After the system is triggered, the driver must rest before continuing to provide services.