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Come back when you're fat

Why do people always put on three pounds every holiday? Because my mother's cooking is all her favorite. It's necessary to have a delicious meal when we have a party with friends. Naturally, we can't give up until we have a big stomach. There is also a holiday, the pressure and worries have long been forgotten, happy mood, natural appetite, eating will not be less. But most people's summer vacation has passed, touch the belly is full of flesh and blood, many people regret and worry. How to lose the belly meat quickly and healthily? I have a trick.

Exercise - every day, we should do plate support, head holding sit ups, dumbbell weight-bearing body side bending, and other abdominal exercises for half an hour to burn abdominal fat to the extreme. After two weeks, the vest is ready. Do not sit down for 30 minutes after meals. It is better to go out for a walk to promote digestion.

Diet - this is the most important link, in order to make the abdomen flat, in addition to exercise to reduce fat, but also in the diet control fat and carbohydrate intake. However, it is also against the other extreme, that is, some people are eager for success and only eat tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, etc. for each meal. Many people can endure such a diet structure for two or three days, but it is definitely not a long-term solution. If they can't stick to it, it will rebound easily. So how to eat?

The staple food insists on not eating or eating less rice, flour, bread and other food, and can be replaced by cereal or corn, which has a good taste and is easy to stick to. Besides pigs and ducks, beef, chicken and eggs are all edible. Fruit to avoid bananas and other high sugar.

Finally, it should be stressed that diet should not be extreme, extreme pain is very difficult to persist, which is also the main reason for many people to give up weight-loss plan halfway. So please insist on the combination of proper exercise and healthy diet. I believe the vest line is not far away from you.