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Who is Yang Shuo's wanted voice? Why is Yang Shuo wanted?

Who is Yang Shuo who wants to shake his voice? I believe you remember that Sun Wei, who was wanted all over the Internet in a time ago, was completely burned by a boy named Yang Shuo. So who is Yang Shuo? Let's get to know.

Who is Yang Shuo who wants to shake his voice?

In the neighborhood, a little sister said a few words, which made many people very heartfelt. When the girl received the interview, she shouted at the top of her voice:

I eat instant noodles myself

It's more than ten yuan to wear

I'll save you money

I'll order takeout for you, buy perfume, and buy you AJ.

'don't lie to me. If you don't love, you don't love.'

'never be a woman in the next life. It's too tired to be a woman'

Many people may have the same manager after reading it, but they can't help crying. For such a person who really paid, but was betrayed, it really makes people think 'Yang Shuo' is a bad guy. So a lot of friends began their wanted way again.

After that, the program also helped the little sister to carry out transformation, which seemed to be very nice.