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What is chopped pepper? How does Hunan chop pepper do at home?

Many people like to eat sour chopped peppers, especially noodles mixed with a little appetite, spicy to addictive chopped peppers are many people's favorite, so what kind of pepper is chopped peppers? How do you make chopped peppers at home?

What is chopped pepper

Chopped pepper refers to a method of pepper, which is called "chopped pepper" here in Hunan Province. It is made of long, thin and hot red pepper, chopped with a knife, and put it in a sealed container with salt (some also put a small amount of pepper or garlic or sesame oil). It will be finished in a few days or half a month (depending on the temperature).

Minced peppers are very spicy, but also very fresh. They have a very special good taste, but they are salty. People with heavy taste like them very much.

Generally, it is a kind of millet peppers (also called millet peppers or small Chaotian peppers) rich in the south. After being chopped, salt is added, garlic and ginger are mixed, and marinated in the VAT for a period of time, which becomes the legendary chopped peppers!

How to make Hunan chopped peppers

There are quite strict procedures and procedures for the production of chopped peppers

1. Select the fresh and insect free Capsicum (cooked and red).

2. Wash and control the water.

3. Chop the peppers, this step. Special tools should be used, including a special chopper, wooden basin, etc. in the process of chopping, the spicy taste of pepper will also diffuse with the air, so this step is a very painful step for the production of pepper, and the producer will often be more than tears smoked by the spicy taste.

4. Mix the chopped peppers with a little salt.

5. Put the pepper in the pickle jar.

6. Spray a little wine.

7. Cover the jar and seal with water! Never let the water seal dry.

8. It's about a week to open the altar and finish cutting peppers!

The chilli produced can be called a human delicacy, and the minced chilli and other food together make a lot of delicacies, such as minced chilli fish and so on.