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What about bugs in your ears? How to get out the little bugs when they enter the ears?

What about bugs in your ears? Sometimes we may find that there are small insects in our ears. At this time, we must deal with them properly. Otherwise, the insects may cause damage to our eardrum, and the consequences are very serious. Then, what should we do if the small insects get into our ears?

What should I do if I have a bug in my ear?

When a bug enters the ear, we must remember not to use a cotton swab or anything else to pull out the ear, otherwise the bug will easily crawl in the ear, which may cause damage to the eardrum.

Put the ear on the side of the insect to the bottom. Sometimes the insect will be poured out like this. You can do this several times.

When the insect enters the ear, we should point the ear towards the light source, or we can use the flashlight directly, so that the insect may fly out.

You can put a little oil into your ears that we usually eat, and stick the insect to prevent it from moving. Soon the insect will be drowned.

If the above methods are not helpful, the insect is still in the ear. In order to prevent the eardrum from being damaged by the insect or inflammation, we should see a doctor in time.

When insects get into ears, we must take measures to get them out. We must not leave them in the ears to avoid pollution and hearing loss.