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Will leather shoes fade? How to maintain leather shoes?

: will leather shoes fade? For many people, they always like the comfort and softness of leather shoes. Many people don't know whether leather shoes will fade. They always think they have bought fake leather or bad leather when they see the leather shoes fade. No matter how good leather you buy, it will fade as long as you often wear it without maintenance.

And the longer you wear it, the more serious the discoloration, which has nothing to do with the quality of the cortex. So why do leather shoes fade? And cheap shoes bought on the market do not fade? The reason is that all leather shoes are polished, colored, polished and other processes. If you wear it for a long time without maintenance, it will fade.

The lighter the color of leather shoes, the more serious the fade. No matter how expensive the price is, how good the leather is, it will fade. Only black leather shoes fade is not easy to be detected. And the cheap shoes on the market are due to the use of fixatives

What is fixative?

Fixing agent is one of the important auxiliaries in printing and dyeing industry,

It can improve the color fastness to wet treatment of dyes on fabrics.

It can form insoluble colored fabric with dyestuff on the fabric, which can improve the color fastness to washing, perspiration and sometimes to sunlight.

You can check the classification of fixative formaldehyde concentrate.

So don't think faded shoes are a quality problem!

As long as it is environmentally friendly, there will be floating colors. This is common sense!

How to protect your favorite shoes from the invasion of time? Here are two tips for making your shoes always new:

First of all, after going home every day, gently wipe the surface of shoes with the same color or colorless shoeshine ointment. If you feel inconvenient, you can buy a shoeshine brush with the shoeshine directly, and just brush the shoes with the shoeshine directly. You don't need to squeeze the shoeshine brush like before. Remember to avoid the corrosive substances and dust on the surface of shoes from invading the surface of shoes when you go home. Remember, do not take wet cloth to wipe shoes, try to avoid shoes stained with water, this will reduce the life of shoes.

Step 2: it is recommended not to wear the same pair of shoes every day, which will greatly reduce the life of leather shoes. It is better to replace two pairs of shoes. After going home every day, after wiping the shoes, place the shoes in a cool and ventilated place to dry for a day. If you do not wear the shoes for a long time, you must remember to put moisture-proof paper in the shoes.