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How does the hair of darling after shaving fetal hair not grow to return a responsibility? Precautio

The baby's fetal hair is grown from the mother's womb, and there is a custom of shaving when the moon is full. But there are many children's hair doesn't grow after shaving. What's the matter? Let's get to know.

What's the matter with the baby's hair not growing after shaving:

Lack of trace elements

If the baby does not have long hair after shaving for a long time, many people think that the baby may be lack of calcium and zinc. If breastfeeding, mom should pay attention to the balance of diet and rich nutrition, especially the supplement of zinc containing food, such as eggs, lean meat, dairy products, sea fish, shrimp, laver, kelp, peanut, walnut, sesame, etc.; you can test the blood for trace elements, and then supplement the symptoms.

Pillow baldness

It may also be occipital alopecia. Calcium deficiency of the baby may be manifested as occipital alopecia, but it is not completely caused by calcium deficiency. Sometimes the baby sweats a lot, sleeping on the pillow to rub around will also appear pillow hair is rare. If lack of calcium, there will be other symptoms, such as night terrors, restlessness, restlessness in sleep, etc. in addition, if the baby's hair grows slowly, it is necessary to wash and cut it frequently to stimulate the scalp to promote hair growth.

Baby's scalp is thin

Others think that because the baby's scalp is thin, the process of shaving the head has different stimulation on different parts of the hair follicle, resulting in the uneven growth of hair in different parts for a period of time. Some parts are dense and some parts are sparse. In addition, the occipital part is prone to compression. The hair in this part is very rare, showing obvious occipital baldness. These phenomena will gradually improve with the growth of infants, and have nothing to do with calcium deficiency, and do not need any special treatment.

In fact, all of the above statements are reasonable, but only on the basis of seeking truth from facts can we reach a conclusion. In the process of growing up, babies will always encounter such or such situations. Parents should first observe carefully for a period of time, and then take corresponding measures according to the examination opinions of pediatricians. Wish the babies a healthy growth.

Precautions for baby shaving head:

The baby's first haircut can be done at home or by a professional barber.

If you cut your baby's hair at home, it's very important to buy a suitable baby barber first. It's quiet or quiet. It can eliminate the fear of your baby and the blade won't have direct contact with your baby's skin. The length of your haircut can be controlled by your own accessories.

Clean your fingers with soap and water before hairdressing to ensure hand hygiene. Thoroughly disinfect the machine used for hairdressing with alcohol cotton.

When cutting hair for the baby, the action should be gentle. Do not compete with the baby. Follow the baby's action. Pay attention to the baby's expression at any time. If the baby is not happy and wants to cry, please stop shaving immediately. This is to prevent the baby from being hurt when crying. During the whole barber process, we should constantly communicate with the baby, encourage the baby and distract the baby's attention, so as to achieve the purpose of cooperating with the baby.

After hair trimming, it's better to clean up the broken hair for the baby immediately, and don't let the broken hair fall into the baby's eyes.

If parents are worried about their own bad haircut, they can find a professional barber to cut the baby's hair. They must choose a skilled and experienced barber. Moreover, the barber must pass the health examination. Hairdressing tools should also be checked carefully. They must be specially used for babies and strictly disinfected. There are some free barber organizations that can cut hair for babies, which is also a good choice.