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Where will the Golden Eagle Festival vote in 2018? 2018 Golden Eagle Festival official website votin

2018 Golden Eagle Festival is coming, and many fans are ready to vote. So, where is the voting address on the official website of this year's Golden Eagle Festival? May I vote for your favorite actors? Who do you think is the Golden Eagle goddess this year?

1、 Voting content

The audience voting scope of the Golden Eagle Award includes four items, namely, ① the best TV play award ② the outstanding TV play award ③ the actor award loved by the audience ④ the actress award loved by the audience. The audience can choose one or more of the votes (male and female candidates will be selected from the TV series. All actors and actresses who enter the nominated TV series are eligible for the selection of actors and actresses.

1. In the first stage (from 00:00 on June 15 to 24:00 on July 14), vote and select ① the best TV series ② the best TV series;

2. In the second stage (from 00:00 on August 15 to 24:00 on September 24), vote and select ① audience favorite actor award ② audience favorite actress award

The shortlist of actors and actresses in the TV series will be generated from the first stage of the shortlist of works in the TV series.

2、 Voting time

1. Stage: 00:00, June 15 - 24:00, July 14

2. Stage: 00:00, August 15 - 24:00, September 24

3、 Award settings

One award for best TV series and 10 awards for excellent TV series;

There are 2 actors and 2 actresses in the TV series loved by the audience.

4、 Voting rules

According to the voting rules of the constitution of China TV Golden Eagle Award, when the audience votes, there shall be no less than one TV play of more than 33, no less than one male actor of TV play of more than 8, no less than one female actress of TV play of more than 8, and the audience may choose one or more of them to vote.

5、 Voting method

The audience can vote on the official website of the 29th iqiyi China TV Golden Eagle Award and participate in the selection of this Golden Eagle Award. Each audience is limited to one vote (it is required to log in iqiyi account and verify the unique mobile phone number).