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Can children eat crabs? How old can children eat crabs?

The Mid Autumn Festival is just around the season when crabs are on the market in large numbers, so many people will choose to eat crabs on the Mid Autumn Festival. The delicious crabs are the favorite of many people, but for children, can they eat crabs? How old can children eat crabs?

Children's Yang is insufficient. If they eat too many crabs, they are more likely to cause gastrointestinal discomfort. What's more, crabs also contain a lot of protein and high cholesterol. For people with allergic constitution, they are prone to allergic reactions and even rubella. If children suffer from asthma, eating crabs will lead to asthma recurrence.

Some children can't eat crabs

How old children can eat crabs? How much can they eat? There is no unified standard. It depends on the constitution of each child. Some children are not allergic or not spleen stomach deficiency cold, so they can eat more. Some children are easily allergic or spleen stomach deficiency cold, so they should not eat crabs.

Of course, even if children can eat crabs, they should take it easy and stop eating. After all, children's physique is not as good as that of adults. They can eat crab roe or crab meat, but the amount should not be too much. The amount of crab meat should be determined according to the difference of each child, and the principle should be that the child does not feel uncomfortable. When eating crabs, it's best to eat the seasoning containing ginger juice at the same time, which can play a role in preventing cold and warming the stomach.

For children suffering from cold, fever and diarrhea, if they eat crabs, it will aggravate their condition, so parents had better not give them crabs; for patients with chronic gastritis, duodenal ulcer, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis and hepatitis, it is better not to eat crabs, so as not to aggravate their condition; People with deficiency of spleen and stomach should eat less or not crabs, because it is easy to cause abdominal pain and diarrhea after eating; children with allergic constitution, or children with chronic diseases such as asthma, it is better not to eat crabs. If eating crabs causes abdominal pain and diarrhea, 15 grams of perilla and 5 pieces of ginger can be used for decoction to relieve pain and diarrhea.

Cooked crabs must be returned to the pot

What problems should be paid attention to when eating crabs? Crabs are cold, so it is not suitable to eat cold food at the same time. When eating crabs and within 1 hour after eating crabs, tea and water should be avoided. Because boiling water will dilute the stomach acid, tea will make some components of crab coagulate, which is not conducive to digestion and absorption, and may also cause abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Do not eat long-standing cooked crabs, which are easy to be contaminated by bacteria. Therefore, crabs should be cooked now. If you can't finish eating, the rest must be kept in a clean, cool and ventilated place. It's better to keep it in the refrigerator. When you eat it, you must go back to the pot and cook it until it's fully steamed.

In addition, crabs often have cysticercus and Vibrio parahaemolyticus of parahaemolyticus. If not sterilized at high temperature, the parahaemolyticus can cause lung damage after entering the human body. If Vibrio parahaemolyticus invades the human body in large quantities, it will cause infectious poisoning, showing inflammation, edema and congestion of the intestine. Therefore, crabs should be cooked thoroughly. Generally, they can only be sterilized after being heated for more than 30 minutes Function, had better not eat raw crab, drunk crab.