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Does pregnancy and childbirth need side cutting? What are the benefits of side cutting for delivery?

For women, the birth in October has to bear great physiological and psychological pain, especially for the expectant mothers, the process of opening the uterine opening is just too painful to live, in addition to which side cutting is also needed, so many expectant mothers have such a problem, does Shunsheng need side cutting? What are the benefits of side cutting?

1、 Prevent multiple lacerations of perineum

It has been proved that even women with very good elasticity of the perineum will have perineum laceration if they don't have lateral incision. There will be at least two, many or even as many as three or four, perineum laceration. Moreover, if the head of the fetus is relatively large, the parturient with relatively fast delivery will even have deep laceration. If the laceration occurs in the anus, it will It will affect the defecation and urination of the parturient after childbirth. If the side cut is carried out, these cracks can be avoided, and the edge of the side cut wound will be relatively flat, and the healing effect and appearance after the suture are better than that after the fracture.

2、 It protects the elasticity of the vagina

If the side cut is carried out during the production, it can effectively reduce the expansion of the fetal head to the vagina, to a certain extent, it can protect the elasticity of the vagina, so it can effectively reduce the reduction of the elasticity of the vagina caused by the production, which is very good for the quality of sexual life after childbirth.

3、 Can effectively shorten the delivery process

The vaginal side cutting can effectively shorten the time when the fetus is squeezed in the vagina, shorten the time of delivery, and also shorten the time when the fetus is squeezed in the vagina, which can effectively reduce the incidence of fetal hypoxia.

4、 Lateral episiotomy is very safe

Lateral episiotomy is very mature and will not cause any adverse effects on the pregnant women.

5、 It will not affect the health and safety of the fetus

The medical scissors used by doctors are safe, and mothers do not have to worry about the damage to the fetus.

6、 The pain is mild

Local anesthesia will be used during the operation of perineum incision, and the incision will be carried out when the fetal head is seen in the birth canal. With the progress of science and technology, most hospitals choose to use absorbable suture to suture the wound, so as to avoid the pain when the suture is removed. There will be some pain after the anesthesia disappears, but the pain will be felt more than one month later Disappear.

7、 The recovery is faster after operation

Lateral episiotomy is a minimally invasive operation. The wound can be basically healed 3 days after the operation. Don't be afraid of the new mother. In fact, the perineum incision only cuts out a small opening, and the fetus can come out, generally about 1cm long. Of course, it may be longer according to special circumstances.