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How to get rid of the wine? It's said that the juice works very well

In modern life, because of work and life parties, many people have to work hard in the 'winery'. The final situation is basically not drunk. I believe that people who have drunk know the feeling of discomfort, dizziness and headache, nausea and vomiting, and I wish I would never drink again in my life. So, what are the ways to relieve the discomfort after being drunk? Here are some healthy drinks recommended by Xiaobian, which are very effective for friends who need to get rid of alcohol.

The first is honey water. Honey water is very effective to relieve the headache after drinking. Some researchers have pointed out earlier that honey contains a special pectin, which can promote the decomposition and absorption of alcohol, help relieve headache symptoms, especially for red wine induced headache. In addition, honey also has a hypnotic effect, which can help people fall asleep quickly. People who get drunk after drinking a cup of honey water will not have headache after getting up the next day.

The second is tomato juice. Tomato juice also contains a lot of special fructose, which can help promote the decomposition and absorption of alcohol. After drinking more than 300ml at a time, the feeling of dizziness will gradually improve. Experiments have proved that drinking tomato juice is better than eating tomatoes raw. Add some salt before drinking, it can also play a role of emotional stability.

The third is watermelon juice. In traditional Chinese medicine, watermelon juice is a natural white tiger soup. Drinking a cup of watermelon juice can accelerate the elimination of alcohol from urine and avoid the fever caused by the absorption of alcohol by human body. In addition, watermelon juice has the effect of clearing away heat and fire. It can help the whole body cool down.

The fourth is celery juice. When the stomach and intestines are not in time after drinking, drinking celery juice can get obvious relief. Celery is rich in B vitamins, which are very effective in breaking down alcohol. At the same time, drinking celery juice can effectively eliminate the symptoms of red face after drinking People with weak gastrointestinal function can drink a glass of celery juice before drinking, which can also play a good preventive role.