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How did Liu Erdou make his voice in trembling voice? What dubbing software does Liu Er Dou use?

Liu Erdou, who can speak, is a pet of a more vibrant voice. His humorous and funny dialogue is deeply loved by the audience. The popularity of fans has soared to about 30000000, ranking second. How did Liu Erdou make his voice? Who was it?

There is also a cute kitten melon seed (female cat). This series of videos shows the funny life of two peas and three people, a little bit of a pet version with children. In the video, the voice of Er Dou sounds like a baby with full milk, while that of Guazi is like a cute little sister, and that of Dou Ma is a strict mother. Each character's voice has its own characteristics and conforms to its identity standard. Many netizens don't want to ask how Liu Er Dou, who can speak, got his voice dubbing. After all, such a distinctive voice dubbing is very technical.

In fact, the voice in the talking Liu Er Dou video is post-processing. There are two possibilities: one is the use of a voice transformer for processing, the other is sound quality. Because the sound of Er Dou is very distinctive and emotional fluctuation is not general recording and dubbing, it is likely to be professional voice quality dubbing. This kind of ordinary player is very difficult to do, but another kind of voice transformer can also do the voice dubbing effect of Liu Er Dou who can speak. Only the speed and context of speaking need personal ability very much.

What dubbing software does Liu Er Dou use? The voice transformer can be used for a moment. Many female tycoons are useful. If the small phone end voice transformer is not used, it will not be recommended randomly. You can learn about the mobile phone voice transformer from Baidu.

As the video author, er Dou's mother is really talented. Many viewers say they want to know what the naughty Er Dou's mother looks like, but it's a pity that Dou's mother hasn't shown her face in all the videos, and there's no picture of Liu Er Dou in her micro blog. It seems that netizens can only draw a picture of Dou's mother's face, which is funny and naughty.