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How much is the price of a bamboo rat in 2018? Nutritional value and efficacy of bamboo rat

The fluffy, round and cute bamboo mice are named after eating bamboo. Recently, there are many expression packs about bamboo mice on Weibo. Can they eat them? What's the taste of them? What's their nutritional value and efficacy?

Bamboo rat is a kind of mouse, round and tender, which is cultivated in many places.

How much is a catty of bamboo rat 2018

The hairy, round and cute bamboo mouse is named after eating bamboo. It has sharp teeth, large body, delicious taste and tender meat. It has been raised in large scale in some areas in the central and southern part of China. Yu Jie, meichong village, Suncun Town, Fanchang County, also raised this kind of animal.

Bamboo rat is better to raise and more convenient to manage. Its habit is to sleep in the daytime and come out at night. The main food of bamboo rat is bamboo. Our bamboo forest area is quite large. Small bamboo that cannot be processed can be used to raise bamboo rat. Using this resource to develop bamboo rat breeding is not only low cost, but also great return.

Bamboo mice eat very simple, as long as feeding twice a day, as long as the feeding is in place, it is not easy to get sick. A 3-jin bamboo rat can now be sold for nearly 300 yuan.

At present, the market purchase price of commercial bamboo rat is 50-60 yuan per kilogram. Generally, the annual income of one pair of bamboo rat is more than 1000 yuan. A farmer changed a half acre pig house into a rat pond and raised 6-10 pairs of bamboo rat seedlings in captivity, which could get rid of poverty in one year.

What do bamboo rats eat

Most people have seen bamboo on TV. It's said that bamboo rat gets its name from eating bamboo. So most people only know that bamboo rat is the main raw material bamboo, and the second is huangzhucao.

In the feed feeding of adult male rats, the main forages are bamboo leaves, bamboo stalks, bamboo shoots, corn stalks, reed stalks, sugarcane, carrots, etc. During the period of mating, the quantity and quality of sperm of male bamboo rat is related to the normal nutrition scientific matching and balanced nutrition intake. It is necessary to ensure that the male bamboo rat nutrition intake is sufficient, and that the male bamboo rat can not be fed too fat, which will affect the poor quality of offspring.

Can a bamboo rat be a pet

It's very cute and can be kept as a pet. But it's important to keep it from childhood. You have to feed it with milk and touch it frequently. In this way, it doesn't bite when you grow up. If you are tired and tired, you can go to see it if you are not in a good mood. Touching it will make you happy and happy.

Of course, the bamboo rat can be used as a pet, but also need to pay attention to some matters, such as sanitation, to pay attention to cleaning. And it's better to keep it from childhood, so it won't bite. You have to feed it with milk and touch it often. If you grow up, you won't bite. The main food includes: grass, vegetable leaves, sweet potatoes and fruits. You can also feed rice bran, wheat bran and dried grass. For example, straw, peanut vine and sweet potato vine. But if you are a pet, you can feed some clean food. No matter how hard or tired you are, go to see it if you are not in a good mood. Touching it will make you happy and happy. However, it's not easy to raise a bamboo rat. If you're not afraid of hardship and tiredness, you can try it.

Nutritional value of bamboo rat

Bamboo rat meat is sweet, crisp outside and tender inside, without smell of mutton. According to the determination, bamboo rat meat contains 57.78% of crude protein, 20.54% of crude fat, 17.36% of crude ash and 0.84% of crude fiber. It is also rich in phosphorus, iron, calcium, vitamin E, amino acids and steroids. The content of lysine, leucine and methionine is higher than that of chicken, duck, goose, pig, cattle, sheep, fish, shrimp and crab. The protein content of bamboo rat meat is 2.4 times that of chicken, 2.86 times that of beef and 2.93 times that of rabbit.

Compared with beef soup, bamboo rat stew is fresh, fragrant, delicious, nutritious and mellow; compared with chicken and duck, fried bamboo rat stew is fragrant, pure and tasty; after braised, it is red and bright in color, smooth in skin, delicate in taste, fat but not greasy, and ready to eat.

In addition, bamboo rat meat is rich in DHA calcium. DHA calcium can promote brain development and enhance memory in teenagers. It is known as "brain care expert". Young people often eat bamboo and mouse meat, which is helpful to strengthen the body constitution, strengthen the brain, improve intelligence and promote the development of retina.