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Is 2018 teachers' day off? Is teacher's day a legal holiday?

Today is teacher's day. Respecting teachers and valuing education is a tradition since ancient times. It is also one of the excellent cultures in our national tradition. Is 2018 teacher's day a legal holiday? Let's talk about those things in detail.

No teachers' day off

According to the measures for the national holidays and anniversaries (Order No. 270 of the State Council) issued by the State Council, there are three types of statutory holidays in China.

1. It is a holiday for all citizens, including new year's Day (1 day off on January 1), Spring Festival (3 days off on Lunar New Year's Eve, first day and second day of the first lunar month), Labor Day (1 day off on May 1), National Day (3 days off on October 1, 2 and 3), Qingming Day (1 day off), Dragon Boat Festival (1 day off) and Mid Autumn Festival (1 day off).

2. In addition to the holidays for all citizens, there are also holidays and memorial days for some citizens, including women's Day (half a day off on March 8), Youth Day (half a day off on May 4 for those over 14 and under 26), children's Day (one day off for children under 14 on June 1), memorial day for the founding of the PLA (half a day off for active servicemen on August 1) Half a day.

3. It is a festival customary for ethnic minorities. The local people's Government of the areas where ethnic minorities live in concentrated communities shall, in accordance with the customs of each ethnic group, set a holiday date. According to the relevant regulations of the state, the employing unit shall also arrange the workers' holidays in addition to the holidays for all citizens.

According to relevant regulations, if the holidays for all citizens coincide with Saturdays and Sundays, they shall be made up on working days. If the holidays of some citizens coincide with Saturdays or Sundays, they will not be made up.

In addition, there are no holidays on the 27th, 53th, 77th, victory, 918, teachers' day, nurses' day, journalists' day, tree planting day and other festivals and memorial days. China's traditional lunar Double Ninth Festival and other festivals do not have holidays.

The origin of teachers' Day

September 10, 1985 is the first teacher's day in New China. The ninth session of the Standing Committee of the Sixth National People's Congress held in 1985 agreed to the proposal of the State Council on the establishment of teachers' day and decided that September 10 should be teachers' day every year. Teacher's Day is a year to thank teachers to teach the festival, different countries set different teacher's day time. Every year, September 10 of the Gregorian calendar is teachers' day in China. The first teachers' Day was celebrated in Beijing on September 10, 1985. September 10, 2012 is the 28th teachers' day in China.

The setting of teachers' day on September 10 is to take into account the new school year of National University, middle school and primary school, and the new atmosphere of the school. At the beginning of new students' enrollment, respecting teachers and emphasizing teaching can create a good atmosphere for teachers to teach well and students to learn well. September 10, 1985 was the first teacher's day in China. Since then, teachers have their own festivals.