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Why did Xi Mengyao, weimixiu, be exempted from the test in 2018?

Another year's Weimi show is about to kick off. As a world-class top event, the gold content of Weimi show is self-evident. At present, it is said that Xi Mengyao is exempt from the test to participate in Weimi show in China. The fall incident of the previous year is still fresh in memory. This year's exemption is just amazing. As a model, it represents an honor to be able to enter the Weimi underwear show. This year, the Weimi show began to recruit people.

Xi Mengyao Wai Mi Xiu

As the focus of the world's underwear show, Victoria's Secret fashion underwear show has become a stage for supermodels to compete on the stage. New models also dream of one day being able to show on the stage of Victoria. As Chinese supermodels, Liu Wen, he Sui, Xi Mengyao and other famous models in the world have been leading the way. They have been on the Weimi stage many times and have very mature experience.

Weimi show is a fair stage and has been absorbing the blood of painstaking efforts. Chinese model newcomers Chen Yu, Xie Xin, Wang Yi and Ju Xiaowen, who are well known to the public, have formed a luxury Angel model group of seven people. In 2018, Weimi show began to be prepared. Models from all over the country rushed to interview and hoped they would have a chance to stand on the stage and show. A few days ago, the list was released. Chinese models he Sui, Ju Xiaowen, Chen Yu, Xie Xin and Wang Yi who had participated in Weimi show last year appeared at the interview site, but Liu Wen and Xi Mengyao did not appear.

According to the list, Xi Mengyao, he Sui and Chen Yu are all on the list, while Ju Xiaowen, Xie Xin and Wang Yi, who were interviewed before, are all on the list. As for Liu Wen, who is not on the list, it is obviously not like the previously rumored exemption.

Xi Mengyao Wai Mi Xiu

Maybe she didn't want to take part in the show. As for Xi Mengyao, she didn't send a message to celebrate the event. Maybe she also knows that last year's wrestling was controversial. If she sends a message to celebrate the event now because she passed the test free, it's inevitable that netizens won't think she's showing off.