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Do you have diarrhea when eating crabs? How to eat crab to have diarrhea?

autumn is the time when crabs are fat and attractive. However, there are many people who have diarrhea after eating crabs. What's the matter? Why do crabs have diarrhea after eating? Let's follow Xiaobian to find out what's going on?

What's the matter with eating crabs and diarrhea

1. Crabs are not ripe

River (Lake) crabs feed on dead animals or humus, so the body surface, gills and gastrointestinal tract of crabs are full of various bacteria and sludge. Fully cooked is mainly for sterilization and killing parasites. If it is not cooked thoroughly, the bacteria can not be completely killed. People may have acute gastroenteritis and diarrhea after eating such crabs.

How to tell if the crab is cooked: the main way to tell if the crab is cooked is to observe the color change. If there is no mature hairy crab, it is blue. If the crab shell is red after the crab shell is cooked, it needs to continue cooking for 5-10 minutes after the crab shell is red. Finally, to know if the hairy crab is cooked, it needs to see if the crab yellow is red. If the crab yellow is red, it is cooked.

2. Fragile gut

Some people's intestines and stomach are relatively fragile, and they are prone to diarrhea once they are slightly stimulated. The content of protein, fat and cholesterol in crabs is relatively high, which is slightly different from the nutritional proportion in our daily diet. If other abundant food or alcohol are added at this time, it will not only stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, but also may cause diarrhea.

3. Eat too many crabs at a time

Hairy crab is a kind of cold food, which contains a lot of cold air and can't bear too much stomach and intestines. It is easy to cause deficiency cold of spleen and stomach, serious decline of digestive function of stomach and intestines, diarrhea, abdominal distention, abdominal pain and other dyspepsia. In addition, menstrual women should avoid eating crabs or eat less, otherwise it may lead to palace cold, dysmenorrhea aggravation, less menstrual blood volume or even menopause.

4. Eating dead crabs

Crabs should be eaten immediately, if stored for too long, it will affect its freshness and plumpness. After death, the body of crabs will produce toxins, even if they are steamed, so the dead crabs must be resolutely thrown away.

In addition, we can't eat the crabs that have been dead for a long time, even the crabs that have just died, and the crabs that are going to die, drunk crabs, or some crabs with unknown sources. These crabs contain substances that are harmful to the body. After eating, they are prone to food poisoning or other diseases.

5. Cold crab or incomplete heating

It is better not to eat crabs that are cooled or not thoroughly heated. If you want to eat, try to return to the pot and steam thoroughly before eating. Avoid food poisoning, because high protein is easy to be eroded by bacteria, which may cause diarrhea. Especially if the stomach and intestines are not very good, it will be even worse.

6. Make a taboo of collocation

(1) Crabs and tea go together. Do not drink tea for 1 or 2 hours while eating crabs. The reason is that tea will cause some ingredients in crabs to coagulate, which will affect digestion and absorption, and also easily lead to abdominal pain and diarrhea.

(2) Crabs and mutton go together. The nature of mutton is sweet and hot, while the nature of crabs is cold. When they are eaten together, they not only reduce the warming effect of mutton, but also hinder the spleen and stomach. If you are a person with Yang deficiency or spleen deficiency, it is easy to cause spleen and stomach dysfunction, which will hurt vitality.

(3) Crabs and persimmons. Autumn crabs and persimmons are the food of the season, but they cannot be eaten together. Because the tannic acid in persimmon will react with the protein in crab, forming the protein to coagulate into a lump, which is easy to cause vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

(4) Crabs and avocados go together. Crabs belong to cold food, while avocado is a typical fatty fruit. When the two kinds of food are eaten together, gastrointestinal discomfort is easy to occur, and diarrhea will occur if avocado is indigestion.

How to stop diarrhea by eating crabs with diarrhea

Eat crab diarrhea as long as it is not very serious, generally eat a few easy to digest things such as porridge and vegetables, so that the stomach rest, will be relieved.

1. Ginger brown sugar water

Crabs are cold food, so you can choose to drink ginger and brown sugar water, which can neutralize the cold of crabs. However, do not simply think that ginger and brown sugar water is to use hot water to brew ginger and brown sugar. The correct way is to clean ginger, cut it into thin wires, and then put it into the pot. Put brown sugar into the pot after the heat is boiled, and then boil it for a few minutes or so. Ginger juice can be integrated into the sugar water. You must drink it while it's hot. You will feel a little spicy in the sweetness. After drinking it, you will feel sweat all over your body. The cold in your body will disappear and your stomach will be very comfortable.

2, porridge drink

In addition to ginger and brown sugar water, porridge and vegetables can also improve the stomach, rest the stomach and promote digestion.

Note: if the diarrhea is serious and there are serious symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea, you must seek medical treatment immediately.