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What is a bamboo rat? Is it delicious? Nutritional value and efficacy of bamboo rat

It was a couple of bloggers from Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province who claimed to be the "Huanong brothers" on Weibo that created the online bamboo rat. Recently, there has been a hot search on Weibo for a hundred reasons to eat bamboo rats. How can bamboo rats do the best? Let's learn about the nutritional value and efficacy of bamboo rat.

Bamboo mouse (Chinese bamboo mouse) is also known as the local ox and winter hairy mouse. It feeds on bamboo, awn grass, plant stalks, etc. It's named after eating bamboo. They live in non tropical and subtropical forests, shrubs and bamboo forests. It has a large body and a lot of meat, delicious taste, rich nutrition, thick and soft fur, high economic value and medicinal value. Now there are also a large number of artificial breeding, but the nutrition and taste are far less than the wild bamboo rat.

1. Bamboo rat gets its name from eating bamboo, so bamboo is the best food for breeding bamboo rat. They like to live in bamboo forest, masson pine forest and mountain grass, living underground and in caves. Activities at night are more frequent, eat less and sleep more during the day, especially afraid of direct sunlight. When the sunlight is direct and the environment temperature is too high, the bamboo rat eats less and sleeps with its belly up, which is manic and restless.

2. Nutritional value of bamboo rat

Bamboo rats contain 57.78% crude protein, 20.54% crude fat, 17.36% crude ash, 0.84% crude fiber and 0.05% cholesterol. They are rich in phosphorus, iron, calcium, vitamin E, amino acids, steroids and other nutrients, such as chicken, duck, goose, pig, cow, sheep, fish, shrimp and crab. Bamboo rat is a kind of game with high nutritional value and low fat and cholesterol. It is also a great supplement to improve people's food composition.

3. Medicinal value of bamboo rat

Bamboo mouse meat has the functions of promoting the growth of human white blood cells and hair, enhancing liver function and preventing vascular sclerosis. It has a good effect on anti-aging and delaying puberty. It is a natural beauty and strong product. The liver, gall and brain of bamboo rat can be used as medicine. The oil of Chinese bamboo rat can cure scald, burn and other diseases.

4. Bamboo rat is rich in nutrition and has various methods. It can be stewed, fried, stewed or dried. However, the meat quality of the bamboo rat is relatively tight. It's better to stew it first and then cook it. If it's a wild stew, the stew time should be delayed properly. Otherwise, it may be a bit hard to bite.

5. Among the many practices of bamboo rat, I think the taste of braised bamboo rat is good.

How to make the best bamboo rat?

Here is a brief introduction

1. First, stretch the bamboo rat's hair, open its mouth, remove its internal organs, then put it into the pot with water and boil it with a strong fire. Use the wenhuobao until the bamboo rat can insert chopsticks under its skin, and then pull it up, and insert it all over the body with a thick needle.

2. Apply sugar and vinegar to the skin. Heat up the oil pan to 90% heat, fry the bamboo rat in the oil pan until its skin is yellow, then out of the pan, pour out the remaining oil for soup, add various ingredients, put in the fried bamboo rat after boiling, cover and simmer until the meat is not tough, scoop up and smear the skin with peanut oil, cut it into the original shape and put it on the oval plate, thicken it with the original juice in the pan and pour it on the surface, then add sesame oil.