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How to sweep out the Phoenix by shaking the voice? Try it

Recently, friends circle has friends to share a group of video is very powerful, through scanning the renminbi to fly out of a Phoenix, shake the voice to scan the RMB how to shoot the Phoenix.

How to shoot the Phoenix by shaking the voice?

1. Open QQ of mobile phone and click "+" in the upper right corner of main interface;

2. Click Scan to shoot a flat RMB 100;

3. Then you will find that there is a phoenix flying out of the RMB, and there is a loud and clear call, very aggressive!

This video itself can't identify counterfeit currency, but there is a video at the back of the video that teaches you how to identify counterfeit currency, and teaches you some basic RMB anti-counterfeiting knowledge! It is a video jointly released and produced by QQ and China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation!

Based on the powerful qqar camera function, this video can be scanned out through the front of 100 yuan banknote. As long as 100 yuan banknote is around, you can try it. You can definitely learn some anti-counterfeiting skills you didn't know before!