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How long is the shelf life of mooncakes? Can moon cakes be kept in the refrigerator?

how long is the shelf life of moon cakes? After the Mid Autumn Festival, there are always a lot of moon cakes that can't be eaten, so how to keep and deal with them? If they are thrown away, it's too wasteful, so it's a good way to keep them and eat them slowly. So how to keep the moon cakes?

How to keep moon cakes? We should pay attention to the shelf life first. Because of the different fillings, different manufacturing processes and different shelf life of mooncakes. Now many manufacturers put mooncakes with different fillings in one package, and only indicate the shelf life on the outer package. However, we should pay attention to judge the shelf life of mooncakes according to different mooncake fillings when we store mooncakes. If the shelf life is short, we should solve it as soon as possible.

How to preserve moon cakes? We should distinguish different kinds.

Experts said that the moon cake is rich in oil and sugar, which is very easy to mould and deteriorate when heated and damped. Therefore, it must be stored in a low temperature, cool and ventilated place. Generally speaking, mooncakes with more sugar and oil are less likely to deteriorate. For old-fashioned mooncakes such as white sugar, bean paste and jujube mud, the shelf life can reach more than two months, and the preservation time of mooncakes with nuts is longer, while mooncakes with low sugar and sugar free are more likely to deteriorate. The more moisture there is, the easier it is for microbes to grow. Therefore, the better the taste, the shorter the shelf life of mooncakes. The shelf life of mooncakes like fresh meat and yolk is only about two weeks.

The moon cake should be handled gently, especially the Soviet style moon cake, because the skin is crisp and loose, it is easy to break. If the crust falls off, it will not only affect the appearance, but also affect the taste and quality, and it is easy to be affected by moisture. Moon cake is rich in oil and sugar. It is easy to get moldy and deteriorate when it is heated and damped. Therefore, it must be stored in a cool, cool and ventilated place.

Generally speaking, moon cake has soft skin, large moisture content and easy deterioration. Under the temperature of 25 ℃, the mooncakes filled with almonds and fruits can be stored for about 15 days; the mooncakes filled with bean paste, lotus seed paste and jujube paste should not be stored for more than 10 days; if the temperature is more than 30 ℃, the storage time of mooncakes should be shortened appropriately, generally not more than 7 days; as for mooncakes such as fresh meat, chicken shreds and ham, they should be eaten at any time.

How to save Haagen Dazs ice cream moon cakes? When buying Haagen Dazs ice cream moon cake gift box, the merchants will provide carbon dioxide dry ice, which can keep a low temperature of about 1-2 hours. After returning home, it can be saved in the refrigerator freezer.

Can mooncakes be kept in the refrigerator?

The moon cake can be put into the refrigerator with the packaging box. In such an environment, the preservation time of the moon cake will be longer. When preparing to eat, take out the moon cake an hour in advance, so as to ensure the taste. But after all, mooncakes are made of flour, oil, sugar and nuts and baked. Although for some kinds of mooncakes, putting them in the refrigerator can prolong their shelf life, it will still affect their flavor. This is because the starch in the raw material of moon cake is mellowed and becomes soft after baking, and under the condition of low temperature, the mellowed starch will precipitate moisture and become aged (i.e., "retrograde"), making the moon cake hard and taste worse.

When the moon cake is preserved, it should not be put together with other food and sundries, so as to avoid the smell and loss of its proper taste and characteristics. During storage, cockroaches, ants and mice should be prevented from eating to prevent infectious diseases. In addition, when purchasing boxed or bulk mooncakes, the production date or ex factory date should be clearly seen, so as to grasp the shelf life. This paper introduces how to save moon cakes and how to deal with the rest of your moon cakes. Do you have a good way?