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What's wrong with the Yellow bullet message? Receive all kinds of ugly SMS

Recently, an app called bullet message is very popular, but at the same time, it also exposes many problems. What's the matter with many users receiving a lot of ugly yellow messages? Let's get to know.

What's the matter with bullet messages involving Huang

In order to use it more convenient, the bullet message is designed to be used without installation. That is to say, when other users receive the bullet message, they can directly view the message and reply by entering the web page.

The information is sent by jumping to the system information page, and the content is the content entered by the user + bullet SMS invitation + link.

But there are also problems in this design: the form of SMS link is very similar to that of spam SMS, and users may not dare to point out. In addition, if someone uses a similar format to send SMS, but replaces the link with a malicious URL, it will pose a great threat to the user's security.

Bullet messages claim to be social with acquaintances, but in fact they can send messages even if they are not friends with each other. Illegal elements are taking advantage of this, many bullet SMS users have received yellow or harassment information.

What are the loopholes of bullet message

Currently, more than 4 million users are activated by bullet messages.

Compared with wechat, bullet message is characterized by the most efficient communication, supporting voice and text input, as well as voice and text output. Moreover, it can send messages directly to non bullet SMS users who are not friends, which can be said to minimize the steps of communication.

However, it was also reported that the account number of bullet message could not be cancelled, there was suspicion of disclosing the user's privacy, and there were still loopholes in data protection. Yellow, harassment information siege, and to pull the black harasser, but also first add friends.