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Why should salmon be dipped in mustard? Why salmon with mustard?

For those who like to eat seafood sashimi, do many people like the unique taste of salmon? Do you know why many people like to dip in mustard when they eat salmon? Why should salmon match mustard?

We all know that when we go to eat sushi, there will be a small plate with soy sauce and mustard. I think mustard is too pungent and spicy, but it's not the same as the hot pepper we usually eat, so I don't like it very much. Sometimes when I go to eat sushi, I choose not to eat it or touch a little mustard, so I just think Why do you need mustard? It's ok if you don't have mustard. Then I checked, what is mustard? What's the use? Why to eat salmon with mustard.

Mustard, also known as mustard, Western yam, mustard hot powder, generally divided into green mustard and yellow mustard two kinds. Yellow mustard comes from China and is made by grinding mustard seeds. Green mustard (green mustard) comes from Europe and is made of horseradish (horseradish). It is green after adding pigment. Its pungent smell is stronger than yellow mustard and has a unique fragrance. Mustard is slightly bitter, spicy and fragrant. It has strong stimulation on the mouth and tongue. It has a unique taste. When it is moistened, mustard powder has a fragrance spraying out. It has a strong irritant spicy taste of tear, and has stimulation effect on taste and smell.

The effect of mustard

1. Mustard's unique pungent smell mainly comes from the mustard oil in mustard. It can kill bacteria and parasites in the digestive system. Therefore, when we eat seafood such as salmon raw, we often match mustard.

2. The main ingredient of mustard choking nose is isothiocyanate, which can not only prevent tooth decay, prevent cancer, prevent blood vessel clot, treat asthma, cold and stuffy nose, but also has the effect of sweating, diuresis, detoxification, clearing blood, etc. it also has a good help to increase appetite and promote blood circulation. No wonder a friend of mine had a cold and a blocked nose and asked me to eat sushi. Then he ate more mustard, and his nose went through.

3. Mustard oil has the effect of beauty and beauty. Mustard oil is a good massage oil in the world of body beauty.

4. Mustard has strong pungent taste and strong stimulating effect. It can regulate female endocrine, enhance sexual function, stimulate blood vessel expansion, enhance facial blood circulation, and make female face more ruddy.