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What's the advantage of wearing sanitary napkin in military training shoes? What are the precautions

What are the advantages of military training shoes pad sanitary napkin? Don't laugh, military training shoes pad sanitary napkin is very important. Every year's military training for many people is a new life transformation. Many boys like to put a sanitary napkin in their shoes. Do you know why?

What are the advantages of military training shoes padded with sanitary napkins? The soles of 'release shoes' issued by military training schools are very hard, so some students are eager to put sanitary napkins on the soles, which will not hurt, but also absorb sweat to avoid beriberi, which is a magic weapon.

Advantages of military training shoes pad sanitary napkin

In military training, we usually put a sanitary napkin in our shoes to make our feet feel more comfortable. Because we often have to stand in a military posture for an hour. When the body's center of gravity is all pressed on the feet, the blood will all pile up together, and the sole of the shoes is still very hard rubber, so many people will have special pain after standing, but as long as we go to A sanitary towel is padded inside the shoes, which has the feeling of stepping on the marshmallow, which can relieve the discomfort of standing for a long time.

The reason why the sanitary napkin is placed in the military training shoes is that the sanitary napkin can absorb the sweat from the feet and keep the inside of the shoes dry all the time, so that even during the military training with increased sweating, you don't have to be afraid of the generation of beriberi.

Try to choose a thicker sanitary napkin insole, not a sanitary napkin insole with glue on the back (covering feet and sticking shoes).

Precautions for military training

If the water doesn't agree with the local conditions, you can drink some bottled water.

Military training is often just the beginning of school. For the new students studying in a new place, there may be some diarrhea and other symptoms of water and soil clothing. In fact, it's not terrible. In addition to taking medicine, some non local mineral water and purified water can also effectively alleviate the acclimatization.

Heatstroke or physical discomfort, no shame.

Each student's individual situation is different, the physical condition is also different, many times in order to face really does not need to support. In fact, most of us are lack of exercise. No one will laugh at anyone. In addition, the instructor is afraid of taking responsibility. As long as you admit it, the instructor will let you rest. It's not good for anybody.

Sunscreen is very important, boys and girls are important.

Sunscreen girls pay more attention, boys are worse. In fact, sunscreen is very necessary, not to say how bad it looks when it's dark, but more importantly, it will cause skin sunburn, peeling, redness and swelling. It's not easy to suffer in a hot day, and it's also easy to get infected. It is recommended to apply sunscreen, 30 times more suitable.

After military training every day, we should do necessary stretching.

It's similar to fitness. After all, we seldom exercise in large doses. After being 'trained' all day, we must be very tired. But even if you are tired, you need to find a strong place. The shelf and bed pole of the dormitory is OK. Grab the handrail and stretch your limbs with the body's gravity. Then, you can knead your calves and arms with assistance. You don't need to have too professional action. It's almost OK. You can knead it for 5 minutes at a time. Otherwise, the limbs will be very sour the next day.

Personal hygiene is also very important

If you want to be lazy, buy more underwear and socks.

In this regard, Xiaobian is more experienced. Xiaobian and the brothers in the same bedroom are lazy. At the same time, military training is very hard. They just want to sleep and not move when they come back every day.