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What are the omens of depression? How to regulate and avoid depression?

Emeishan girls' suicide by jumping off a cliff due to depression has aroused widespread concern. Depression is a terrible invisible killer. If not treated in time, we are likely to go to the extreme of life. Many stars choose suicide because of depression. In fact, depression is more from a sense of loss and uneasiness. How to prevent depression in daily life?

Exercise to release emotion:

If the pressure is too high, it is easy to lead to depression. Some sports can effectively release their inner pressure. You can choose strength sports or soothing and peaceful sports, such as golf, all kinds of ball games, swimming, fast walking, etc., which can make your body and mind relax.

Mental adjustment:

In order to prevent depression better, we should adjust our mind. We should read more books full of Zen and philosophy, don't read thrilling, stimulating and extreme books, and listen to light music and communicate with others.

Adjust values:

Adjusting values is also a good way to prevent depression. Correct evaluation of oneself, do not put forward unrealistic goals for oneself, we should set the plan within the scope of our own ability, organically integrate the long-term goal with the short-term goal, and do what we can.

Slow down:

With the increasing social pressure, in this high-speed society, if there is no efficient work, it is easy to be eliminated, so it is easy to give people a sense of oppression, so when you are working hard, you should also learn to adjust and combine work with rest, which is a good way to reduce the pressure.

Return to family and enjoy the happiness of family:

For patients with depression, they can communicate with their families and children in their spare time, enjoy the warmth and care of their families, feel the encouragement and warmth from their families from the heart, and at the same time make clear their important role in the family, which is also a good way to reduce stress.

If you have depression, open your mind at the right time and think about life from a different perspective, maybe you will have a different world and don't make fun of your young life. Ten signs of depression

1. Appetite change

Increased depression can lead to increased appetite or loss of appetite. So people with depression gain or lose weight.

2. No reason for panic, chest tightness

Often feel flustered, chest tightness, but to the hospital can not find out the specific reason.

3. Almost every day is unhappy

Depression and sobbing are symptoms of depression. But there are also many depression patients with mental numbness, no sad feeling.

4. No motivation in life, no interest in anything

I'm indifferent to what I valued before. I even have to force myself to finish it. I also feel heavy on small things. Many people with depression say they are bored and lazy; although they have no sleep problems, they still feel tired all the time. Decreased sexual interest is also common.

5. Decreased sleep quality

Difficulty in falling asleep, shallow sleep and dreaminess, easy to wake up, and early wake up (wake up at 2-3 a.m. and then difficult to fall asleep) are often characteristic symptoms of depression patients. In addition, some patients with depression may sleep too much, or they need to sleep regularly in addition to normal night sleep.

6. Want to commit suicide

Many patients with depression think of death as a way to relieve their pain. Patients often have thoughts and behaviors of death in order to end pain, suffering and confusion.

7. Restlessness and anxiety

Depression patients are often restless and anxious, sometimes to the extent of agitation. Anxiety can cause impatience and anger, and it can make people difficult to cope with even low-level pressure.

8. Can't concentrate and think normally

Depression often can't concentrate and think normally, or even make small decisions. When patients become inefficient in their work and daily life, frustration and disgust may occur.

9. No sense of security, guilt, uselessness

People with depression can be negative about the world and the future, including themselves. Easy to feel guilty about the past, feel useless, no sense of security, easy to rely on others. Even thinking they have depression is a punishment for what they did or didn't do.

10. I feel tired because I am weak

Most patients with depression have different physical symptoms and feel unwell.