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Why don't a lot of people suggest raising a jacketed cat? Is a jacketed cat a congenital defect?

There must be friends around the cat. The cat is a very gentle animal. Is there a lot of people on the chattering sound about the video of the folded cat? Is the folded ear cat's ear folded natural?

What are the breeds of jacketed cat

There are two kinds in total, one is Scotch and the other is highland. The Scottish jackdaw is born with a sweet sweetness. They like to be involved in anything you do, but usually just quietly, without disturbing you with a sound.

When purchasing a foldaway cat, make sure the tail is elastic and check the legs and feet. Do not lose weight or elasticity due to short, thick legs or split toes. To judge the elasticity of the tail, you can use your hand to gently move it from the root of the tail to the tail tip. If the elasticity is normal, this arched stroke will not cause discomfort to the cat. Again, this movement must be very gentle!

Is it harmful to raise a jacketed cat

The full name of the foldaway cat is Scottish foldaway cat, which is a kind of cat originated in Scotland. The ears of the foldaway cat in Scotland are naturally folded, all of which are called foldaway cats. The folding of the ears of the Scottish jacketed cat is mainly due to a genetic defect, resulting in a congenital genetic disease from the birth of the Scottish jacketed cat, which is often mentioned in the mouth of those who raise the Scottish jacketed cat.

As long as the congenital genetic disease of Scottish jacketed cat occurs, it will cause systemic pain. However, at present, there is no fundamental solution and treatment for this disease. Going to hospital for treatment and taking medicine can only delay the disease of Scottish jacketed cat. Because it is a genetic disease, this kind of pain and pain will accompany the whole life of Scottish jacketed cat.

Why don't a lot of people suggest raising a jacketed cat?

There are inherited skeletal diseases in the cats with broken ears, i.e. osteochondrodysplasia.

No matter it's a jacketed or a standing ear cat, as long as the cat has the jacketed gene, it can't have 100% normal skeleton, just the difference between serious and slight. This is a typical genetic disease of the jacketed cat. It begins with hyperosteogeny, then bone spur, and finally paralysis. The onset of the disease varies from 2 months to 6 months old, but some cases do not start until one year old.

And some cat dealers, in order to sell the fold eared cat and earn some money, publicize that "the fold eared cat matches the vertical ear cat, there is no genetic disease". This is a lie about selling the fold eared cat, and the onset of disease is a matter of time and severity!

Moreover, there is no way to cure the genetic disease of jacketed cats. Most of the disease will continue to worsen and cannot be cured, accompanied by the lifetime of jacketed cats.

The only way to avoid this genetic disease is to give up breeding jackdaws.