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How about a long mole on the sole of the foot? What is the special meaning of the long mole on the s

For many people, sometimes there are some special birthmarks on the body. What's the meaning? What does the long nevus in the center of the foot represent? Is the nevus in the center of the foot good? First of all, most of the nevus on the foot are 'Blessed nevus'.

What does a long mole in the center of the sole represent

First of all, most of the moles on the sole of the foot are "blessing moles", or they have better symbolic meaning, which means that their future can be greatly improved in wealth, fortune and peach blossom. It can be said that there is a high price for moles near the soles of the feet and the soles of the feet. They are good moles representing personal wealth.

How about a long mole in the center of the sole of the foot

In addition, we need to consider the different locations of nevi, as mentioned above, nevi in different locations do have different representative meanings. Generally speaking, there are several types of nevi in the soles of the feet:

1、 There is a mole in the bottom of the foot. This mole has the appearance of "peak waiting belt". In short, it indicates that it can become a leader with great power, a leader of an enterprise company, or a chief executive of a local area in the future.

2、 If there is a mole near the toe of the foot, it can be called "post horse" mole, which means that people often have to go far in their life and work, and they have to "walk a lot of ways", so there is a post horse saying. Posthouse moles are basically good ones, which means that they will accumulate a lot of wealth when they come and go.

However, people with stagecoach nevus are not in good health. They often go to other places to explain that their rest time and diet are not regular, which leads to physical weakness, so they need to pay attention to their health in ordinary days.

3、 If there are moles on the foot, they are "driving" moles, also known as "many servants", which means that there are many managers in life, belonging to the management. This kind of nevus phase is not good or bad, after all, its other lifeline characteristics also have a great influence on the fate.

If you are in the ordinary management, although you have many employees, it is definitely one of the most difficult positions. Because there is pressure from the leadership and dissatisfaction from the employees, the middle management is often very difficult to do.