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Why did mimon get divorced? Summary of classic quotations of Mimeng

What's the matter with the frequent searches on Mimeng's divorce recently? As a special phenomenon in the field of soul chicken soup or a big V in the field of men's and women's emotions, Mimeng has always been mixed in praise and praise. Recently, Mimeng officially admitted that divorce made many people doubt that her emotional soul chicken soup works? Why did Mimeng get divorced?

What did mimon admit about divorce

Recently, Mimeng sent several sad microblogs one after another. Some netizens speculated that there was a problem in Mimeng's marriage. Yesterday, mimon issued a statement acknowledging the divorce. Let's have a look! Famous emotional blogger @ Mimun tweeted 'he doesn't love you' suspected marriage, which attracted netizens' attention.

On March 3, Mimeng sent Changwen to admit the divorce and stressed that there was no third party or infidelity between them. In the future, they will support each other as family members and accompany their children to grow up together. Mimon once wrote: 'does he love me? & rsquo; there is only one standard answer to this question: he doesn't love you, and he is always changing. 'it attracted a lot of speculation from netizens. At the same time, mimon said that online rumors are irresponsible speculation, will no longer respond, and that divorce is a kind of brave, and wish you still believe in love.

Before that, mimon published several microblogs, all of which were emotional changes between lines. He wrote: '& lsquo; does he love me? & rsquo; there is only one standard answer to this question: he doesn't love you, and he is always changing. 'it has attracted a lot of speculation from netizens, and also made netizens doubt whether they are divorced. Mimon's statement did not explain the reason for the divorce, but denied the infidelity and the third party.

However, the net revealed that Mimeng's husband Luo Yuming had cheated, but no strong evidence was found, but if it wasn't for his feelings to be in a dilemma, no one would have come to this step. It is reported that Mimeng's husband is Luo Yuming, the Virgo's Luo classmate. Reporter of Southern Metropolis Daily, from Sichuan. The divorce of two people is said to belong to Taobao shop in the division of property. As for the reason of divorce, it is said that the husband cheated, but there is no evidence.

To this, netizens have said: Although Mimeng poisoned chicken soup, divorce does not mean anything, nor does she once show affection. At that time, her husband gave her a feeling of love. It can only be said that her husband has changed or once disguised too deeply. It is the unfaithful people who should be drowned in saliva, rather than ridicule her divorce.

"I know countless reasons, but I still can't live a good life". This is the footnotes drawn by many people for this rumor. For them, if a woman is cheated or divorced by her husband, she will have a bad life.

On July 2, Mimeng was also happy that he had lost 24 kg on his microblog. Unexpectedly, he sent an article to admit his divorce two months later, which was sad. After mimon's divorce announcement was released, fans left messages supporting her decision: 'thank you for demonstrating love. Even after divorce, your demonstration of divorce is still the best. "Anyway, we will always be by mimon's side, supporting her, loving her and respecting her choice."

In many people's eyes, people with high EQ will not divorce, but in fact, this is not the case. They just read their feelings too thoroughly. Many people, dis mimone, are very extreme. His article is too absolute. The speech is too crude, but the number of clicks is still amazing. After all, the deterioration of marriage is not only the insertion of others, but also the subtle change of the relationship between the parties.

Mimeng, Ma Ling, an editor and writer, was born in Nanchong, Sichuan Province on December 21, 1976. He graduated from Shandong University. He is a master of Arts, columnist and Media Editor. In the first issue of Han Han magazine's "solo Troupe", he published the article "golden saint sigh of pain". The founder of the public number "IMON" was the chief executive officer of the five film and television media limited company in early October in Beijing, because she often published emotional articles, but she was also questioned because of her unique values. Before that, mimon was a columnist and Media Editor.

For mimon, there are many people who like her, and many people who don't like her, because her articles can be said that sometimes they are extreme, can ignore the views of anyone else, have absolute right and wrong, and she thinks everything right. According to the data of a statistical platform, mimon has more than 5 million fans, and its representative work "women chasing men's separation veil? You believe this bullshit!" is an authentic online red one.

And this time she divorced, look at the following message, we can see how many people were affected by mimon. There are many people who also directly dis Mimeng on the Internet, who think that Mimeng's thoughts are extreme and his speech is rough. And "see the essence through the phenomenon" will politely curse people, but her way is really popular in recent years.

Let's take a look at the classic quotations of this spiritual chicken soup blogger!

1. All love at first sight comes from color.

2. With your efforts, the worst result of your life is just a late success.

3. Most of the time, love is to give each other an illusion.

4. The true tolerance is that even extreme can be tolerated.

5. Time doesn't change everything. You are the only one who can change everything.

6. You TMD knew those things when you were a teenager, and expected those girls to be in their twenties and shy as you thought they didn't know anything?

7. If there's a difference between trying and trying your best, it's that when you try, you feel like you've done your best. When you do your best, you will feel that you are not working hard enough.

8. Surprise is that you love me in your own way.

9. You need to learn at any stage of your life. Don't try to be lazy.

10. I like this utilitarian world, which recognizes everyone's efforts.

11. We think that surprise is deliberately romantic, but in many cases, surprise may just be a warm little discovery.

12. For our children, we become parents and strive to become better ourselves, which may be the best thing in the process of parents and children.

13. Don't make learning like a task. Melt learning into the middle of play. Children will not only not be disgusted, but will maintain a strong curiosity and thirst for knowledge, which is far more vivid and profound than rote learning. What's more, what children learn through their own curiosity far exceeds the narrow range that parents can think of.

14. You miss the past so much. You must have failed now.

15. What did your girlfriend do to you? Thank goodness, because she loves you.

16. What's more terrible than ignoring the rules is that people who obey them will be ridiculed.

17. I often have a poor idea. It's a waste not to have a gay when I'm such a second-class product with heavy taste and large scale. At least, for non mainstream children, it's much easier to have a mom like me than a conservative mom. For example, I would kindly advise him to find a handsome boyfriend.

18. It's easier for a woman to be decent in front of people she doesn't love.

19. When we do what we like, we can't help being diligent.

20. It's because of old age. There is no more time to squander, so I need to cherish the present, focus on it, love what I love and do what I want. Because I believe that the most painful thing is not failure, but I could have.