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What's wrong with North American Tucao king? Why is North American Tucao account blocked?

North America Tucao Jun is Sina micro-blog big V account, fans are about millions, originally North American Tucao Jun is everyone's Tucao life trivial matters, but later gradually changed direction, now North America Tucao Jun suddenly was sealed, do you know what is the reason? In the Internet age, do not randomly rumor, rumor, otherwise the consequences are very serious.

The Communist Youth League Central official micro and Yantai network police officer issued a message at the same time, blocked North America Tucao Jun and its company name under other micro-blog accounts, and micro-blog actual controller fines.


North American Tucao Jun account was sealed from a micro-blog message in February of this year, when there was a news about the death of Chinese students abroad in Germany, which caused the panic of many foreign students in Europe.

After the news spread out, the Ministry of foreign affairs and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League launched the emergency mechanism overnight, and asked the embassy and consulate in Germany to immediately carry out an investigation. Finally, it was found that the news was false, so the official immediately investigated the source of the news.

After investigation, it was found that the news was deliberately rumor fabricated by Lu Mou in Germany. Lu Mou deliberately broadcast the news of the death threats of Satan, and he also wanted to contribute to micro-blog's big V Europe.

Great European Tucao Jun did not verify the authenticity of the news. He used the same company's North American Tucao Jun and Tu Ao Tun Jun and other micro-blog accounts and WeChat public numbers to announce the news of the satanic death threat.

Due to the large number of followers of several microblog accounts, wechat and microblog hype at the same time, this news quickly caused panic among local overseas students, causing incalculable trouble to local embassies and consulates and bad social impact.

According to the law, the Yantai office of a company in Beijing was fined 9000 yuan, ordered to rectify within a time limit, and the actual controllers of several microblogs were each fined 1000 yuan. Although the punishment is not serious, the key is rectification.

North American Tucao Jun's micro-blog account has been blocked, and now micro-blog news can not be seen. Originally, North American Tucao Jun is a place for overseas students to live in Tucao. People often say "Duan Zi", but they do not know when they have become human flesh and spread rumors.