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Seven reasons for naked resignation

Resignation is a problem that many professionals will face. If you resign, what do you think is the reason? Yesterday, a girl from Xiaoshan in Hangzhou posted a post on "in September, I will resign.". In the post, the girl also published her resignation letter, which attracted many netizens' attention.

The girl said that she worked in the company for six years, about 3.5K a month. In her resignation letter, she listed seven reasons for leaving.

At present, the company has approved, she said & lsquo; didn't want to do anything, but can't go on like this & rsquo;

There are 7 reasons, which are to say that the heart is tied up in every way:

1. I don't have time to bubble. I have to watch the movie. I'll arrive at the store before 21:00 in the afternoon.

2. No time to travel, go to a South Korea, book a ticket, said to refund.

3. There is no overtime pay and there is no deadline for work.

4. When others ask for leave, they should stay on duty during the Spring Festival.

5. Without friends, people who offend the interests of the company can't follow the trend, fall in love with each other and find the right and the left. There are no friends to even stroll the street.

6. There is no future. When it opened, it had a turnover of more than 700000 yuan. Now it's only about 10 years old. It has witnessed your brilliance and your recession. It's unmanaged and unmanaged.

7. I don't want to muddle. Many employees are muddle now. I'm not old enough to muddle. I can't be comfortable.

The seven reasons for leaving are as follows:

Work time is tight, no time to make a boyfriend;

No time to travel; no overtime pay;

To be on duty during the Spring Festival;

The company's performance has declined significantly;

Don't want to muddle along.