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Will women grow tall after they have children? Baoma's height is 3cm after giving birth

Will a woman grow tall after giving birth to a child? In fact, there are quite a lot of things about pregnancy in the mouth of the old people. There are also "give birth to a baby and grow a Baba", which means that she will grow tall after giving birth to a child. Is it a fantasy or a real one?

Can children grow tall?

I don't think it's incredible, but it's true in reality. This is not true. I just heard a group of moms talking. There are many moms who have enjoyed such wonderful 'welfare' brought by childbirth. It's really enviable!

@No voice: before I had a baby, the net height was 160. After I was born, my family said that I seemed to grow taller. How could I? Just measure the height, the net height was 162, although it was 2 cm higher, but later I found that the effect of wearing clothes was really much better.

@Immortal: before my wife was born 163.5, she was always called 165 to the outside world. After her birth, she had 166 changes. She dared to lie even more. She began to be called 168 to the outside world, Khan!

@Meizhishu: I grew taller, which is not what I hope. I grew 168 before my birth, 172 after my birth, and 4 cm long. To be honest, I really don't want to be that tall, because my husband is not tall!

@Elder sister Lehe: I'm really tall. I've grown from 159 to 162.5, and the sole of my feet has grown. I used to wear 37 shoes, but now I can only wear 38.

@Xiziyuan: I've had two babies. When I gave birth to the first child, I really grew up. It was 170. Although everyone said that I grew up after I gave birth, I also thought it was someone else's illusion. Later, when the unit physical examination was conducted, my body height was 173! But there was no change after giving birth to the second child.

As for the saying that children can grow tall, Qiao Ma also has deep experience. My compatriot sister has always been the same height as me, but she has obviously grown a lot since she gave birth to a child, and her leg line is longer than before. Now I and her barefoot are at least two or three centimeters shorter than their height.

For this reason, I went to look up some materials specially to prove the scientificalness of this statement, but unfortunately, there is no scientific research that can definitely guarantee the growth of children at present.

The condition of long height

When our height can grow depends on the closing of the growth plate. If the growth plate is closed, it means that the bone is mature, the bone will not grow, and the height will not increase.

The cartilage between epiphyseal and metaphyseal ends shows a wide light band on children's X-ray films, which gradually shortens with the growth of age. When the cartilage between epiphyseal and metaphyseal ends ossifies completely, a tight suture is formed. At this time, epiphyseal line is completely closed, and bone stops growing.

When does the skeleton close?

It is a misunderstanding that traditional medicine holds that human skeleton can be closed when men are 16-18 years old and women are 16-20 years old. Modern medicine has proved that human skeleton and pituitary gland are in a semi closed and semi dormant state between 20 and 26 years old. After the age of 26, he was in full dormancy.

Can a closed bone grow tall?

The theory is that there is no possibility of growing height, but there is also a saying that although the skeleton we said has been closed, the growth of the thoracic vertebra and cervical vertebra at the end of the heart has not stopped, and there is still a large space for growth. If this part of the skeleton is effectively stimulated, it is not a problem for the human body to rise again.

Hearsay or truth?

It seems that a lot of expectant mothers have grown taller, but let's not guess! Pregnancy growth is not a rumor, but it's not the real growth. In fact, the belly has grown larger, and the pregnant woman naturally tilts back and stretches her spine. Are you stupid? To put it bluntly, you've bent down and hunched straight, so you're taller.

Orthopedic experts said: after pregnancy, this situation will not happen. For the netizens mentioned some cases of growing height after pregnancy, this is because pregnant women in the process of pregnancy, with the increase of the stomach will appear the problem of center of gravity forward. In order to solve this problem, many pregnant women will naturally lean back, which to a certain extent will play a role in stretching the spine column. The stretching and stretching of the spine will change people's height and create the illusion of long height.

You can try to measure your height after you get up in the morning. It may be about 1cm higher than the normal height, which is the same as after pregnancy. After a full night's rest, the spine is fully stretched, and the height after getting up will be about 1cm higher than before going to bed, which is why the length of the height after pregnancy is generally only 1 to 2cm. In fact, it's not that people really grow tall, but the crouched spine straightens, and people return to their normal height.

Is pregnancy possible?

Generally speaking, when human beings are over the age of growth and childbearing, there is no way to grow taller. No matter how much nutrition they take in during pregnancy, it is no exception.

The length of the lower limbs is the most closely related to the height, and the long bones in the thighs and legs determine the length of the lower limbs, that is, the long tubular bones in the limbs. The two ends of the long bone are mostly called epiphysis. Only when the chondrocytes on the epiphysis grow continuously, the human body will grow tall. If the epiphysis is closed, no other stimulation in the body will cause it to grow taller. Compared with men, women developed earlier and their epiphysis closed earlier. There are a few women whose epiphysis is still not closed after the age of 20. Under the stimulation of nutrition and other factors, they may continue to grow high, which may be the reason why women over 20 years old grow high in pregnancy.

If you are more than 20-year-old expectant mother, and your epiphysis is not completely closed, then your baby is definitely your lucky star, and even your height has been sent to you! There are expectant mother friends around Xiaobian who find that they are obviously taller after giving birth to their children, and their height actually grows by 5 cm, which is absolutely too much good for the last life! But most women will close their epiphysis before the age of 20, so Not every expectant mother will grow tall during pregnancy, for example, after giving birth to a child or hobbit!