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How to clean the washing machine? How to clean the washing machine at home?

In daily life, Xiaobian found that most people would not clean the inner barrel of the washing machine after they bought it. The seemingly clean washing machine actually hides a lot of dust and bacteria. Where we can't see with the naked eye, many bacteria are breeding, which has great harm to the human body. So how to clean the washing machine at home?

How to clean the inner barrel of washing machine

The first step is to turn the washing machine to the highest water level and fill it with water.

The second step is to add 200 grams of detergent into the water. Press the wash button and let the washing machine dry for five minutes to allow the detergent to fully dissolve. In order to ensure the washing effect, 40 ℃ water is used for soaking, and the washing effect is the best.

The third step is to cut off the power supply of the washing machine after five minutes and let the washing solvent soak for three to four hours. If the washing machine has never been cleaned, the soaking time can be extended appropriately.

Step four: after four hours, set the washing machine to washing mode, and let the washing machine automatically complete the whole washing process, with one washing and two rinsing as the appropriate.

Step five: open the cover of the washing machine after washing, let it air dry naturally, and wipe the surface of the washing machine with a clean wet cloth. In this way, the washing machine is finished.

In addition to the inner barrel of the washing machine, what other places are easy to contain dirt?

If you are using a full-automatic washing machine, the first thing you should pay attention to is the safety cover on the washing machine barrel. If the water level is too high, the bacteria in it will be easily involved in the washing machine slot for pollution when stirring; the second place is the back of the washing machine wave wheel, which will also contain the dirt left over from each washing; the third place is the bottom of the washing machine slot, which is also easy to contain dirt.

If your home is a full-automatic washing machine, there are two places to pay attention to: the first place is the water return tank of the door seal ring, and the dirt in it can also enter the washing machine. The second place is the drain at the bottom of the washing machine, where there will be a lot of dirt. Open the drain outlet regularly to ensure that the sewage is discharged once or twice a month.

If your home is a two cylinder washing machine, there is only one thing to notice, that is, the overflow pipe inside the washing machine, and there are a lot of dirt around it.


The washing machine is placed in a ventilated and dry place, which is conducive to reducing the growth of bacteria.

It is best to wash the washing machine once every three months.