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What are the minimum 30000 new students' starting equipment?

Near the beginning of school, the business of computer city is booming. According to a salesman, more than 30 computers can be sold in the peak day. So for parents, in the face of such a high cost, do not know whether parents can accept it? Recently, a reporter from Tianfu Morning Post visited the major digital cities in Chengdu and found that the closer to the start of school, the business of the computer city is much more prosperous than before. Many shops are full of students and parents. According to the sales staff, more than 30 computers can be sold in the peak day. Computers, mobile phones and tablets, the three old school standard accessories, are also enriched now, with the addition of digital cameras, Bluetooth headsets and smart watches. At least 30000 yuan is needed for six accessories.


'00' equipment upgrade new six kinds' standard '

Near the start of school, how will these millennial young people buy the new start-up configuration? A reporter from Tianfu Morning Post recently found in a visit to the major digital cities in Chengdu that the once cold computers, mobile phones and tablet counters are now constantly flowing every day. Many parents are asking questions, while children are playing games on the bench waiting for new equipment.

Although these old equipment are still loved for many years, they are far less popular than the new three. It is understood that three kinds of equipment have been upgraded since the beginning of this year, including digital camera, Bluetooth headset and smart watch. In front of the counter of digital camera and SLR, many parents and their children are asking about the price and performance carefully. 'every day, people come to ask about the price, and there are many people who buy. In July, people come to buy, but in the last week or two, they focus on buying. "According to the staff of the moziqiao Canon digital store, today's college students are buying basic models, with a set of nearly 10000. In addition to the continuous flow of customers in the digital camera shop, there are countless students in the mobile phone shop.

'every day, parents bring their students to buy computers. It's a four piece set. According to the staff in taiguli's apple store, every day near the start of school, parents bring their children to buy equipment, such as mobile phones, computers, tablets and watches. 'it used to be that there are many people on weekends, but now there are many people every day when school is about to start. According to the staff member, the cost of the four piece set is nearly 30000 yuan. Some parents are reluctant, but they can't stand their children's quarrel. 'the staff said that there were still a small number of people coming to buy a set, most of them were choosing to buy it.


Some students can't afford to spend at the beginning of school

Children are about to start school happily, but for parents, the school season makes them feel too stressed. "I have a lot of shopping for my children, and I feel great economic pressure. 'Ms. Zhang, who is shopping for computers in the digital city with her children, said that before the college entrance examination, she promised to buy computers, mobile phones and tablets for her children before the start of school. Now she has more than ten days to report. At the request of her daughter, Ms. Zhang can only ask for leave to take her children to buy school equipment. "More than 6000 computers, more than 4000 mobile phones just bought. 'Ms. Zhang said that the school gate has not been in yet, and has spent more than 10000 yuan.

For Ms. Zhang, whose monthly salary is only 5000 yuan, the preparation for the children's start of school costs her nearly four months' salary. "The total cost of computers, mobile phones and tablets is 15000, as well as the cost of necessities and air tickets. 'Ms. Zhang calculated the account. Before the children started school, the family had to spend about 30000 yuan in total. "The tuition fee is nearly 10000 yuan, plus these expenses, we can't bear to start school. 'Ms. Zhang said that she would not have spent so much money if she had not agreed to her children's requirements before the college entrance examination.

However, according to Ms. Zhang, other family conditions in the children's class are better, and the cost is even greater than that of her own family. 'when her classmates finished their college entrance examination, they went out for a tour, plus the new equipment they bought, at least 50000 yuan. Ms. Zhang said that there are many new technologies for children to play now. Many parents have bought VR and mobile games for their children. What they spend is of medium level. 'it's a big thing in life to go to college, and it's reasonable to spend one time extravagantly. 'Ms. Zhang said that if a child gets two copies of the exam and spends half a year's salary as a reward, it's also worth the money. Not only that, but also the cost of living after 00 is much higher than that in previous years. 'it has been discussed before the start of the school. In high school, 1000 yuan a month, and the university living expenses are controlled at 2000-2500 yuan. 'Ms. Zhang thinks that the children are going to study in other places alone, so they can't be overcharged in their living expenses, so they have increased about 1000 yuan.


Set up correct consumption view

The reporter of Tianfu Morning Post interviewed Professor Wu Xiaojun of the school of humanities, Xihua University, about the fact that the cost of living is increased by thousands of yuan after the start of school.

Professor Wu believes that it is necessary for children to buy necessary school equipment at the beginning of the University, but parents should not blindly consume because of the so-called maintenance of children's self-esteem or face in front of their classmates. This will not only affect children's consumption concept and consumption mode in the future, but also may cause children's behavior of comparing and showing off wealth due to vanity, which will cause children's mind not to study, and eventually lead to academic waste. In the same way, college freshmen should also have a self-awareness Upgrade -- instead of focusing on the surface of mobile computers, it's better to pay more attention to some more important psychological and ideological preparations. At the beginning of school, first of all, we should bring rationality.

Professor Wu reminded the freshmen and their parents that the university is an important period for the formation of students' Outlook on life and values. Too much pursuit of famous brands and comparison to show off wealth will not only increase parents' economic burden, but also affect students' academic and physical and mental development. To purchase equipment for the opening of a school, we should do what we can according to the economic situation of our families, consume moderately, and not be a prisoner of these electronic products or a so-called opening economy.