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Why do freshmen need military training? What is the purpose of military training?

The college entrance examination has ended, and many students have received the admission notice from the University. What's the first thing for freshmen to start school? Of course, it's military training. Many people don't understand why military training is needed just after the university starts. Today, let the editor introduce science to you.

Why do freshmen need military training

Why do freshmen have to carry out military training before the start of school? Because military training is the legal requirement of the country and the obligation of citizens. The military training of each school includes military training for students of ordinary institutions of higher learning and senior high schools in Chapter VIII of the military service law of the people's Republic of China: Article 45 students of ordinary institutions of higher learning must receive basic military training during their schooling. According to the needs of national defense construction, students who are suitable for the positions of officers shall be given short-term centralized training. Those who pass the examination shall serve in the officers reserve with the approval of the military organs.

What is the purpose of military training in University

And the military training of the school is for each student's physical training, to enhance their physical quality, to exercise their own strong willpower. Group training will also enhance our sense of collective honor and the ability of teamwork. Military training will cultivate our own living habits and good life order.

Military training for college freshmen is a rare exercise opportunity, because most of the children are only children now, they are spoiled at home, grow up in the doting of their parents, and lack of exercise in all aspects. Military training is an opportunity to help them exercise. Moreover, through military training, students' patriotic consciousness and national defense consciousness can be improved, and students can master basic military skills.