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When is the best time for girls to have children? The best age for girls to have children

The issue of women's childbearing has always been a major concern for women themselves and their families. Eugenics has always been advocated by our country. Babies born at a healthy age are the healthiest. When is the best time for girls to have children? The best age for girls to have children.

When is the best time for a woman to have a baby

On the basis of no consideration of deposit, housing, working time and other factors, only from the biological point of view, the suitable childbearing age is' 20 years old and above, and the latest age is no more than 35 years old '. The best childbearing age for women is 25-29 years old. In this age group, women's fertility is the most vigorous, uterine contractility is the best, and the probability of dystocia is relatively small. The specific analysis is as follows:

20-30 years of age for women

This period of peak labor is still the most popular time for pregnancy. You may hear that the younger women are, the more likely they are to conceive, because studies have found that eggs are more active and healthy, so the overall chance of conception is higher. At the same time, it has the following advantages:

Better eggs can reduce the chance of infection.

The risk of miscarriage is low.

The time needed for postpartum recovery was also relatively shorter.

In addition, age has an impact on the delivery process. According to the survey, about 80% of 20-30-year-old women give birth naturally, because young women's uterus and buttocks have better muscle elasticity, which can make the delivery process more smoothly. But in fact, even though young women are easier to adapt to physical changes, they are not able to enter the role of a parent in terms of economy or psychology.