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Why is Kobe beef so famous in Japan? How much is Kobe beef?

it is believed that many people have heard of Kobe beef in Japan, and some people think it is because of its high price that they know it. Why is Kobe beef so expensive? What's special about it?

How much is Kobe beef?

Japanese authentic Kobe beef is divided into five grades A1 to A5, and A5 is the best. There is a strict and standard system for the evaluation and selection of Kobe beef quality. Each cow has to go through a series of evaluation such as color contrast, fat mixing rate, fineness and pattern uniformity. The best part of Kobe beef is the chest and back. It is divided into plum, bamboo, pine and rattan according to the grade. Many Japanese have never eaten the best rattan Kobe beef.

Kobe beef costs about 6000 yen a kilogram, which is equivalent to 377 yuan. The best rattan Kobe beef costs 41500 yen a kilogram, equivalent to 2606 yuan. However, a Kobe cattle, only 6 kg A5 class Wagyu beef.

Why is Kobe beef so expensive?

The English name of Kobe beef is Wagyu beef, which is called the most expensive beef in the world.

One reason is that the quantity is small, and the rarity is the price. The second reason is that they have a special way of breeding, such as drinking mineral water, eating grass mixed with herbs and growing up with special massage.

Due to Japan's limited geographical conditions and lack of large-scale pastures, Kobe cattle usually can only sit for a long time, which makes the most remarkable feature of its beef, that is, its appearance is covered with beautiful marble texture, which is the reason for the difference in taste between Kobe beef and ordinary beef. It's a long process to make beef fat evenly distributed and reach the best taste. Generally speaking, the breeding cycle of Kobe cattle is 30 months. Most U.S. beef is only raised for 22 months. The longer growth period gives Kobe beef a richer and more delicious taste.

Kobe beef refers to the beef cut from the cattle raised in Tiandao. This kind of beef has a solid body, wide chest, round stomach and dark skin. Only cattle born, raised and slaughtered in Hyogo county can obtain Kobe beef qualification certificate, and this kind of beef is never exported. There are only about 3000 cows a year that can meet the quality requirements of Kobe beef, and each cow can only produce about 400 kg.

In addition, not all Kobe cattle can be called "Kobe cattle". The real Kobe cattle are very strict. First of all, it must come from a "famous family" and a drop of mixed blood in the blood cannot be mixed. In addition, it must pass the evaluation of fat mixing rate, color, fineness and other items, and only those who reach level 4 or 5 or above can be called "Kobe beef". All approved Kobe cattle will be marked with "wild chrysanthemum", which is the flower of Hyogo county.

What is Kobe cow?

Kobe cattle is a kind of black Danma cattle in Japan. It is named after Kobe City, Hyogo county. Kobe cattle have a unique way of raising. Kobe beef is a delicacy in Japanese cuisine, characterized by its flexibility, tenderness and marble texture. There are many kinds of cooking methods, which can be used for Shouxi, Shuan, Tieban or raw food. Kobe beef is a delicacy in Japanese cuisine. It can be made into Shouxi, Shabu, Teppanyaki or sashimi. In 2009, the US media selected nine of the world's top foods, among which Kobe beef ranks sixth among them, along with caviar, foie gras and white pine dew.