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Can pregnant women eat crabs? Precautions and taboos for pregnant women to eat crabs

for pregnant expectant mothers, there are also many taboos on diet during pregnancy. Can they eat crabs after pregnancy? Generally speaking, there is no scientific basis for pregnant women to eat crabs and miscarry. Crabs are cold. Pregnant mothers should eat less and not eat too much to avoid discomfort.

Pregnant women eat crabs will miscarry? There is a popular saying that crabs will miscarry, but there is no basis in fact.

Crab can eat two parts, crab meat and Crab Roe (crab cream), the main nutrients are protein, fat, minerals and so on. These are essential nutrients for human body. Proper consumption is not harmful to human body, not to mention the effect of abortion.

In fact, if you think about it carefully, if you can have a miscarriage by eating crabs, do you need to have an artificial abortion once you get pregnant unexpectedly? It's not too easy to solve it. A few crabs, full of good fortune, can have a miscarriage, which is a magic weapon!

In fact, in the eyes of nutrition experts, pregnant women should pay attention to the lack of nutrition, not worry about which foods are "taboo" or "slippery fetus" every day.

As long as the food is hygienic and your husband can eat it, you can eat it. There are not so many "Taboos". A reasonable and diversified diet can provide balanced nutrition and benefit pregnant women and their babies.

Pregnant women can eat crabs properly, but it's better not to eat them in the early stage of pregnancy.

There is no answer to how long pregnant women eat crabs to miscarry. Also did not eat after how long abortion this statement.

In addition, pregnant women eat crabs only have the possibility of miscarriage, not necessarily miscarriage. Crabs are not directly related to abortion. It can't be said that eating crabs will definitely lead to miscarriage. During pregnancy, mothers to be eat crabs can't be killed with one stick. For most mothers to be, in this season of eating crabs, it's generally not dangerous to taste the delicious crabs a little. Pregnant mothers please rest assured that there is no need to panic.

Whether a pregnant woman will have a miscarriage or not depends on many factors, such as the physical quality of the pregnant woman, the month of conception and the number of crabs she eats, and every pregnant woman is different. How long does it take to abort.

Pregnant women must control the amount of crabs, although crabs are not directly related to abortion. However, pregnant women must control the amount of crabs they eat. It's advisable to eat one at a time, at most once or twice a week. Because of the cold nature of crab, it has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, which can make the fetal movement uneasy and play the role of moving the fetus. Eating too much may lead to abortion.

Of course, to be on the safe side, it is recommended that pregnant women do not eat crabs in the early stage of pregnancy. After all, the first three months of fetal instability, careful, choose not to eat crabs is the safest.

The disadvantages of pregnant women eating crabs excessively 1. Abortion

Crabs are cold and have the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, which may make the fetal Qi uneasy and play the role of moving the fetus. If they are eaten in large quantities, it is likely to cause abortion.

2. Residual parasite

The body of crabs is easy to leave parasites. If the cooking is not done well, when pregnant women eat too much crabs, the parasites will enter the body of pregnant women, which is harmful to the fetus. In addition, some crabs are fed with a large amount of oxytocin in the feeding process, including hormone components, which are also harmful to the body of pregnant women and fetuses.

3. Increase cholesterol

Crab's high cholesterol, will make pregnant women's bile cholesterol content increased, easy to make bile excretion is not smooth and siltation. If bile flows back to the pancreatic duct, pancreatin will be activated in advance and pancreatitis will be induced.

Precautions for pregnant women to eat crabs although pregnant women can eat crabs, they should be very careful when eating crabs. So pregnant mothers before eating crabs, it's best to know something about pregnant women eating crabs!

1. Do not eat in early pregnancy. In the early stage of pregnancy, the development of all aspects of the baby is not perfect, which is a stage of abortion. At this time, eating crabs may stimulate the pregnant mother's body, causing bad results. And pregnant mothers eat shrimp and crab at the beginning of pregnancy will also affect the development of the baby's nervous system.

2. Don't eat more. In the second and third trimester, pregnant mothers can eat some crabs to supplement protein. But it must be appropriate, not to eat more, even if the normal people eat more will have a great impact, let alone pregnant women.

3. Do not eat rotten food. To know that crabs are extremely easy to corrupt, and pregnant mothers to eat crabs must be fresh, otherwise it is easy to cause physical discomfort.

4. It must be cooked thoroughly. Crabs have a lot of bacteria, so they are easy to be infected by carelessness. So the crabs eaten by pregnant mothers must be cooked thoroughly. Who knows how these bacteria will affect the baby?

5. It can't be used with cold food. Crab itself is a cold food, coupled with cold food, it is easy to cause diarrhea.

6. You can't eat crab claws. Crab claws must not be eaten. Crab claws have an obvious abortion effect on mothers in the early stage of pregnancy, and also have an impact on mothers in the middle and late stages of pregnancy.