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Can sitting on the moon bathe with moxa leaf? What's the advantage of taking a bath?

AI Ye is a kind of common Chinese medicine, which is mainly used for external use. AI ye also has a good effect of warming meridians and promoting blood circulation. So many mothers like to bathe with AI ye when they sit on the moon. What's the benefit of bathing with AI ye when they sit on the moon?

1. Dispersing cold and relieving pain

After childbirth, women have deficiency of both qi and blood. Their health is wide open, and their internal and external space is sparse. If they are a little careless, they can be attacked by the wind and cold. They have the symptoms of body ache, cold and sweating. They have the effect of rational Qi and blood, cold and dampness, and warm meridians. After childbirth, they often use AI Ye water to scrub their bodies, which has the effect of dispelling cold, relieving pain, and removing dampness and cold. The specific method is: to buy 50 grams of dried Wormwood Leaves in the drugstore, boil the Wormwood Leaves and several pieces of ginger together with clear water into Wormwood Leaves and ginger water, and use it to scrub after the water becomes warm.

2. Shujin Huoxue

Affected by the changes of hormones in the postpartum body, plus the relaxation of the whole body muscles and bones of the puerpera, if the recuperation is improper or attacked by external evils, it is easy to have joint soreness. AI ye can help the human body rise the Yang, resist external evils, help the puerpera to relax the muscles and activate the blood, dispel the wind and dispel the cold, and promote the blood circulation and metabolism around the Guanjie. The specific method is: buy 1 jin of crude salt, add 50g of Wormwood Leaves after frying, put it into a yarn bag and then wrap it with a cloth with good permeability, and apply it to the sore joint, but pay attention to adjust the temperature to prevent skin scalding.

3. Disinfection and pollution prevention

Wormwood leaves taste bitter, pungent and warm. Return to the liver, spleen and kidney meridians. Reasonable Qi and blood, cold and dampness, hemostasis, sleeping, warming meridians, removing dampness and relieving itching. During the period of sitting in the moon, bathing with AI Ye water can disinfect, remove pollution, warm Qi and blood, and prevent postpartum infirmity. The specific method is: take 30-50g of Wormwood Leaves, wash them with boiling water for 5-10min in the bath, take out Wormwood Leaves, add water and adjust them to a suitable temperature for bathing.

sitting on the moon and taking a bath

1. Postpartum 3 days: AI Ye water scrub. It can disinfect and avoid pollution, relieve postpartum abdominal pain, enhance maternal immunity, and help new mummy recover as soon as possible.

2. After 1 week postpartum: Aiye water soaked feet. It can not only promote foot blood circulation, reduce local muscle tension, but also relieve muscle and nerve fatigue and improve sleep.

3. Two weeks after delivery: AI Ye water shower. At this time, the physical strength of the parturient can be restored. You can take a shower with AI Ye water, relax the muscles, activate blood circulation, and dispel the cold. However, it is not suitable to take a bath at this time, so as to avoid the unclean bath flowing into the genital tract and causing infection.

4. 42 days after parturition: Aiye bubble bath. After delivery, all functions of the body have been recovered. You can take a bath with AI Ye water to promote blood circulation, dispel wind and stop itching.