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What is ear picking? Is regular ear picking good for ears?

Have you ever heard of Chengdu ear picking? For people who have never experienced it, it can definitely make their ears reach orgasm. Chengdu has the business of ear picking. Even this business has existed for hundreds of years. Even in the Tang Dynasty, there was the existence of this craftsman. The dignitaries even regarded it as one of their daily leisure activities.

In fact, this word also appears in recent years. Because people in modern life have a lot of pressure, so sleep is not very good. But some people study ear picking, which is conducive to sleep, so it is gradually known to the public. Actually, ear picking means pulling out ears, but it is different from our usual way of pulling out ears. It can take out the garbage deep in the ears, which requires professional technology and tools, so it can be called a craft, rather than our daily ear picking.

But in fact, many medical experts say that it's better not to pick ears frequently, which will cause damage to the ears. What's the reason? In view of the more and more popular ear picking now, today I will make up a small part to say whether it's OK to pick ears frequently.

1、 Earwax will be cleaned regularly

The first thing we need to know is that actually our ears will be cleaned by ourselves. Almost every day, some waste materials and earwax will fall from the ears in different ways, so it is OK not to pull out the ears, and there will be no accumulation, which will have an impact on our hearing, and even play a protective role. So if it's not necessary, it's better to cut down on your ears, so that you can protect your ears.

2、 Earwax is protective

Secondly, we need to know that earwax actually has a protective effect on our ears, so earwax can not be taken out completely, which will only affect our ears. Moreover, pulling out the ear sometimes only pushes the earwax to a deeper place, which can not play a clean role, and even has a great impact on your own hearing.

3、 Risk of breaking the eardrum

In general, we expel earwax from the outside world, but this strength is hard to control, and the human ear is a relatively fragile place, so if we are not careful, it will cause the eardrum to be pierced, and it will also have a great impact on the hearing of the ear. Once the eardrum is pierced, if you want to repair it, it is also very difficult, and even will produce It is suggested that if you are just curious, you should also find a special craftsman and don't try it yourself.

4、 It's OK to try, but not often

The noise produced by ear picking is white noise, so it is of great help to sleep. Unlike the noise we usually encounter on the street, white noise is very noisy, and it affects our sleep. But white noise, on the contrary, can promote our sleep, so when we pull out our ears, we are easy to sleep.

At present, many health clubs in the street regard ear picking as one of their services, even as a shop of craftsmanship. However, when catching up with the trend, we should also remember to pay attention to our own health, not to cause injuries to our bodies for the sake of curiosity for a while, which is not worth the loss