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Who is Chengdu Xiaotiantian? Personal data why does Chengdu Xiaotiantian become popular overnight?

recently, Chengdu Xiaotiantian is definitely a hot topic. Have you organized a group? How much more money do you need to pay a girlfriend? 200 thousand? 300 thousand? Or a house? No, it's just 8 yuan! Do you remember the terrible video of these days? "This little sister is your Britney Spears." Meet such a little sister, is not a lot of boys want to be their own goddess? It is said that a large number of single dogs are on their way to Chengdu.

In the interview, the host asked a mother-in-law's most concerned question - how much money a man can support a woman.

Chengdu Xiaotiantian didn't ask for a house or a car. She replied shyly: just take me to dinner

In this era of high cost of love and headache for men caused by mother-in-law, Miss Chengdu doesn't need her boyfriend to earn more than ten thousand yuan a month or buy her bags and cosmetics.

A meal of 8 yuan can make girls feel happy and men's efforts.

A simple street visit, a sentence of "just take me to dinner", a shy and laughing look, let all men call for her crazily overnight, fire all over the network.

Do you have a continuous brush to "go to Chengdu to find Britney Spears" video today? Xiao Bian has brushed 10 videos, 7 of which are using the same music, and different means of transport are heading for Chengdu.

So, who is Chengdu Xiaotiantian? Why does Chengdu Xiaotiantian get angry? Here's the secret.

How does Chengdu Xiaotiantian get angry

Recently, Chengdu shuang'an company has become popular again. This time, it's just because of a little sister. The video of the whole circle is going to Chengdu. There are countless horseback riding donkeys and camels. The number of luxury car yachts is numerous. It is even more numerous to take the high-speed rail by plane. Some people are going to Chengdu to drive a tractor and share bicycles. Yes, they are all looking for a little red sister in Chengdu.

This video originates from the most street interview to passers-by in Chengdu. 'how much do you think a man can earn a month's salary?' and this Britney Spears's answer is' can take me to dinner ', which makes the whole voice ring' restless'.

This street interview is as follows:

Reporter asked little sister: how much do you think a man's monthly salary can support you?

Miss said: you can take me to dinner.

It has to be said that the young lady is really sweet and warm-hearted. Even as I am of the same sex, I can't help but feel a move.

Why did this reply make the little sister instantly fire up? Is it a lack of beautiful women on the trembling sound, and the lack of chicken soup? Xiaobian believes that jitter is a pleasant place, and video plus music + text can give people a short pleasure. However, there are too many people in the short video to show the bride price, show the luxury car, show the pet, show the beauty value, show the figure, in order to attract people's attention, it can be said that there is everything. We are really happy to see it, but it's hard to tell whether it's a show or a real existence. Just at this time, the topic that the male compatriots care about appears, and the sincere answer and smile of "Xiaotiantian" are displayed in front of the netizens, without any affectation or disguise. She deserves to be the best girlfriend in the whole network.

Chengdu Britney Spears vibrato number personal data

Vibrato: your Britney Spears


Fans: 1.5 million

Age: unknown

Coordinate: Chengdu

Although there are not many videos sent by the young lady, it's because this neighborhood has given her a lot of praise. Although the micro blog is also a newly registered fan, there are tens of thousands of fans. It can be seen that the power of male netizens is strong. The little sister will be happy in the future. She doesn't worry about eating. She will be invited every day, ha ha.

She also registered for everyone not to be deceived to shake the voice and micro-blog account, is also a very kind-hearted little sister, she also said she wanted to know more about her can pay more attention to her micro-blog oh.

This little sister is also a passer-by, but on the last two days, her heat is higher than that of the stars. Her shaking voice ID is called: your Britney Spears, ID:7637499, is also a little girl after 90. It is reported that she is going to school now.