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What kind of organization is Tian'an society? In 2017, it was eliminated by Beijing police. No rumor

What kind of organization is Tian'an society? According to the latest news report, this organization has been destroyed by the police and no longer exists! In the past two days, the news that BMW Kunshan man got off the car and was killed by anti assassins has exploded on various platforms. With the gradual exposure of the past two days, more and more information about the tattooed man has been published. He once had multiple criminal records and was one of the members of Tian'an society. What's strange is that he has obtained the certificate of courage for justice. He is really a very complicated person.

Later, netizens revealed that Tian'an news agency issued an important statement: 'we are not underworld, but a group of fat people who like tattoos. The underworld in cospaly's films and TV works is one of the forms of our pretense. I hope you can spread more positive energy and don't talk about our chamber of Commerce. Tian'an society's full name is Tian'an society brothers chamber of Commerce. The purpose is to help brothers in the chamber of Commerce to do business with each other. Since its establishment, the chamber of Commerce has been aiming at loving the party, patriotism, discipline and abiding by the law. The tattoo handle is the same as the school uniform to raise the flag. It strengthens the cohesiveness through the sense of ceremony and improves the popularity through attracting the eyeball so as to open up the market for business. '

Event review:

A BMW wants to grab a bicycle lane and press the white line to stop a normal electric vehicle in Kunshan, Jiangsu, Tuesday. The two sides are at loggerheads. BMW owners even took out a knife from the car to chop off the owners of electric vehicles. Unexpectedly, the knife fell accidentally, and the owner of the electric car picked up the reverse BMW and chopped it off. On the evening of the 28th, @ Kunshan Public Security Bureau issued a notice that two people had quarreled because of driving problems, and Liu died because of invalid rescue.

Is this self-defense or over defense? Now, the Internet is almost a one-sided voice, supporting white men in black to eliminate evils, eliminate evils for the people, think tattooed men deserve it.

The criminal law stipulates the right of self-defense to "commit a crime", but in practice, the threshold of self-defense is too high, and this clause is nothing. This incident has changed qualitatively since the tattooed man returned to take the machete from the car. It has risen from a common physical conflict to one side's knife attack and the other side's empty handed self-defense.

What kind of organization is Tian'an society?

Netizens quickly locked in Tian'an society after the event, of course, because the characteristics of this' social brother 'are so similar to' Tian'an society '!

The big gold chain watch, and the tattoos on the body that are ugly to see, are once the standard of members of the Tianan club on the fast hand.

What's more, members of the Tian'an society have set a precedent for taking a knife if they don't agree with each other after drinking.

In the first issue of the rule of law in July 2016, when the police arrived at the scene, one of the parties directly confronted the police with a knife because of a dispute over moving a car near Chongwen gymnasium Road, and then & hellip; & hellip; was taken away.

At that time, the word "Tian Wei Yong" X, which had a great taste of "local flavor", aroused netizens' heated comments on the Tianan society.

If it was only cosplay, Beijing police would not be so aggressive.

In fact, this "Tian'an society" not only likes cosplay, but also involves real criminal activities, such as "extortion".

Several main leaders of Tian'an society are still in the prison in Beijing. They don't know the outside world, but they have their own legends.

So, netizens, as well as the media friends, I hope you all know that all the videos and pictures of the "Tianan society" circulated on the Internet are the traces left by them in the past.

Because Kunshan Longge was killed, it was once again picked out by netizens.

As for what WeChat's public number "Tianan brothers" has been mentioned in the media, it is only a small little kid who has been running after the destruction of the Tianan club.

However, after being beaten by the Beijing police, the content of the public number of Tianan society has changed from dressing up to chatting about health, talking about movies and talking about NBA.

"Tianan society" as early as March 2017, it has been knocked out by the Beijing police. As for Kunshan Long Ge, he was early in 2001, in Beijing because of theft was arrested by the police uncle, but at that time, there was no quick hand, even micro-blog WeChat did not.

Later, Kunshan Longge couldn't get along in Beijing, so he went to Kunshan and had nothing to do with Tian'an society.

Someone asked "what happened to the video on" micro-blog "on the" Tianan club "? I briefly introduced that video as early as the beginning of 2017. It was the video of the so-called" four elder brothers "issued by the Tianan club after being laughed at by the netizens. Therefore, if you look carefully, there is no mention of "Kunshan dragon brother" in that video.

By the way, why didn't Beijing police report on the news when they beat down the Tian'an news agency?

What the jellyfish want to say is that there are more gangs involved in the underworld and evil that the Beijing police have broken down. In the eyes of the Beijing police, the gangs at the level of 'Tian'an society' are just a group of small gangs that can't be smaller, so the Beijing police didn't even want to publicize this at that time.

Who could have thought that this broken gang was in a year and a half later, because of Kunshan's Dragon brother, inexplicably caught fire?