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Lakeside students respond to Didi's strong attitude and are not responsible for teaching Chinese

The students of Hupan University responded to the "didi Liuqing refuelling incident". However, from the perspective of response attitude, it is really tough. It is estimated that the public opinion should set off another upsurge. It has to be said that this response is really not a wise move.

Hupan university students responded by cheering for didi Liuqing, saying they were not responsible for teaching Chinese. The comments in the circle of friends were bombarded by the public opinion. It's more about watching the lively things. It's going to pass slowly. There's no way. Now the society is a little grumpy. Now we have a whole "not responsible for teaching Chinese", "not responsible for teaching logic", "your mother and you said don't pee everywhere" and so on. It's estimated that they have to be hit by public opinion again. The student who called for Liu Qing didn't have much malice. It's just that they may not be able to understand or think of people's indignation over such irreparable tragic events.

Response from lakeside students

In view of the distorted hype of individual media people, the concern of our classmates is understood as the lack of compassion, even the encouragement of Didi's mistakes, and the solemn response is as follows:

1. We are not responsible for teaching Chinese. Your mother and you said don't urinate anywhere. They must be different from what your sister said to you.

2. We are not responsible for teaching logic either. If we say a word that loves Liu Qing, it means that we support Liu Qing to do bad things. Then the word "loves" should be erased from the dictionary.

3. Liu Qing is our classmate. If we can be as cold-blooded as you, how can we be so warm-blooded to a stranger?

Incitement can bring attention, but not social progress, even a little.

A schoolmate by the lake

August 31, 2018