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How to deal with the problem of stuffy nose

Stuffy nose is a very annoying thing. No matter it's caused by cold or rhinitis, it's hard to get well in a short time. So, what method can alleviate the symptom of nose not ventilated? Let's learn with Xiaobian.

First of all, if the nose is blocked, don't panic and get angry. The more irascible the nose is, the more blocked it is. Don't always blow your nose with a paper towel. In this way, the skin around the nose will be damaged easily, and the stuffy nose can't be solved.

Second, we can go to the drugstore to buy menthol nasal inhaler. Like the design of lipstick, it's usually much better if we turn and turn the opening to inhale a few times against the nose. If you don't feel it through a few breaths, you can exhale a few more times through your nose. If you do this several times, your nose will be clear. Similarly, we can also buy a nasal patch, the effect is very good. Just stick it directly on the top of the snout, and the nose will slowly feel unblocked and cool. However, the disadvantage is that the nose will feel uncomfortable because it is close to each other.

The third way is to soak the towel in warm water and then apply it to the nose. Or stuffy, hot air will dredge the nose, if it doesn't work at one time, apply it several times. In addition, when the nose is really blocked, we can massage both sides of the nose, not too much, just a few minutes. If you feel hot in your nose, your breath will automatically clear.

The fourth way is to prepare some salt and put it into warm water, and then clean the nasal cavity. It can be cleaned with cotton or with a special nasal cleaner. Remember that the concentration of salt water should not be too high, so that it can be sterilized and anti-inflammatory to keep the nasal cavity clean. At the same time, it can also relieve rhinitis symptoms and make our nose smooth.