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What is the reason for the spring tide of Qiantang River? Which month is the best spring tide in Qia

The Qiantang River spring tide, with its spectacular scene of "the huge turbid waves are emptied, the rivers are overturned and the mountains are destroyed", attracts numerous people to watch. It is one of the two famous tides in the world and a rare scenic spot formed in nature. What is the reason for its formation?

The Qiantang River spring tide, with its spectacular scene of "the huge turbid waves are emptied, the rivers are overturned and the mountains are destroyed", attracts numerous people to watch. It is one of the two world-famous surging tides. After being incorporated into the development of modern tourism industry, Qianjiang tide has set a record of gathering more than one million self paid tourists in three or five days. However, under the charming temptation of the tide, there is a hidden danger. According to relevant reports, every year, people die from watching the Qianjiang River tide. Only this summer, the Qianjiang River tide has been swallowed

A: on August 18 of the lunar calendar, people who come to Haining, Zhejiang Province to watch the tide come in groups. At this time, the shore, a sea of people, people anxiously waiting for the arrival of the exciting moment. In a short time, the crowd was in a commotion, only a white line appeared in the distance, from far to near; in a moment, the tide standing on the wall was like a tall water wall, roaring, roaring, deafening.

The cause of spring tide in Qiantang

The formation of Qiantang River spring tide is related to the local unique topography. The Qiantang River's entrance to the sea is wide outside and narrow inside, in the shape of a trumpet. The East Bay mouth is 100 kilometers wide, while the West Haining City, near Yanguan Town, is only three kilometers. When the tide is rising, the tide flows in from the mouth of the Bay and flows to the West. Restricted by the gradually narrow river banks on both sides, the water surface becomes narrower and narrower. When the tide is pushed back and blocked forward, the sound is like thunder, the mountains and the sea are like a million horses galloping, which is spectacular.

Best viewing time

August 18 of the lunar calendar is the best time of the year. Actually, around the Mid Autumn Festival, it's a good time to watch the Qianjiang tide. It's expected that Qiantang River surge will be more spectacular in 2016. The forecast of flood time and surge height will be published on Hangzhou hydrological information network one day in advance.

The best place to watch the tide

Along the Qiantang River in Hangzhou

1. Look back to the coral sand. (it's more than 1000 meters west of the Liuhe tower, so the Qiantang River Bridge -- coral sand area is OK.)

Transportation: get off liuheta bus station (No.4, 287, 287 section, 291, 318, 334, 354, 504)

2. Look at the Qiantang Jiangxi Xingqiao bridge. (downstream - Xiasha area)

Transportation: no.849, Shuidian new village bus station

Jiangnan: there is a place called Banban mountain between Puyan and Wenyan, which is the best place to watch the tide

Transportation: take buses 522 and 322 to Longshan Chemical Plant Station, then walk more than 1000 meters to the west to the riverside

The most fun and comfortable viewing place: Xiaoshan tide watching

Address: Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou

Fare: 20 yuan

Transportation: take No. 504 to Chengxiang Town, Xiaoshan District, Longxiang bridge, Hangzhou city. Take bus 515 and 315 to Xiaoshan 315 station (Chengxiang town), or take Zhongba to Xiaoshan coach station in Hangzhou Railway city battle

Note: during the tide watching Festival, the bus company may have a direct line to the city. Long distance bus station 303 south line bus can reach Nanyang - Guanchao city.

Viewing place of climax and backtide over the years

Haining address: Hangjiahu Plain, North Bank of Hangzhou Bay

Opening hours: 8:00-16:30

Ticket price: the original price of the joint ticket of the tide watching scenic spot is 150 yuan, and the online stores of major travel agencies sign up for 120 yuan

Hangzhou departure: Hangzhou north bus station starts from running water to Haining.

Transportation guide to Haining

Self-driving travelling:

1. Shanghai departure: from A4 to Hangpu Expressway - Hangzhou Ring Expressway - Hangzhou puexpressway, Yanguan exit.

2. Hangzhou departure: via the exit of Chang'an town of Shanghai Hangzhou Expressway. Yanguan town can observe the tide along Haining North South Avenue - East West Avenue - tide Avenue - tide Resort Park.

3. Shaoxing departure: Hangzhou Ningbo Expressway - Hangzhou Ring Expressway - Hangpu expressway, under the exit of Yanguan.


1. Shanghai departure: there are some bullet trains between Shanghai and Haining. The fastest train is about 1 hour. The slow train is 2-2.5 hours. Most trains are from Shanghai South Railway Station.

2. Hangzhou departure; Hangzhou - Haining usually arrive in one hour, about half an hour by train.

Public transport:

Haining railway station can take the special line Zhongba to Yanguan Town, only half an hour, 10 yuan.

There is also a special line bus T109 between the city and the scenic spot, which starts from Haining railway station square and ends at Yanguan.