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Where is the Mid Autumn Festival 2018 better to play? Best route for Mid Autumn Festival travel

The Mid Autumn Festival is coming. Although the Mid Autumn Festival is not celebrated with the National Day this year, there are also three days' holidays. Where is the Mid Autumn Festival better to play? The weather before and after the Mid Autumn Festival is very cool, which is the best time to travel.

Where to play in 2018 Mid Autumn Festival

Mount Emei

In addition to enjoying the bright moon, you can also savor the beauty of Emei in the round trip with your family and friends during the Mid Autumn Festival. A mid autumn holiday trip, but also for each other to bring unforgettable memories.

The sea of clouds in Emei Mountain is unforgettable, and the moon in the clouds on the night of Mid Autumn Festival is even more intoxicating. Standing on the top of Emei Mountain, the huge night pearl is inlaid in the sky, so close to you, as if at your fingertips, the cold moonlight caresses you, the surrounding clouds surround you, you feel like you are in a fairyland, and the sound of Buddha is like you are in the heaven. In this fairyland like Emei Mountain, you will feel that the heaven and earth are so vast, and the beauty in front of you is so rare.


When you travel in the Shentang Bay of Zhangjiajie, you will find that the bay is deep and mysterious. What's more amazing is that as long as one approaches the Bay, there will be a faint sound of gongs, drums and shouts in his ears, as if thousands of troops are fighting.

Every spring and summer in the middle of the lunar calendar, at eight or nine o'clock in the evening when it rains for a long time and starts to clear up, the full moon seen in yueyueyueya of Tianzi mountain is red, just like the rising sun in the morning, blood red and blood red, sending out a red halo, which makes Helong Park, shijiayan and shentangwan area red. This kind of phenomenon can last for more than an hour.


Whether it's a boat tour of Shuiyue cave at night, watching the wonders of the two moons, or a walk along the bank, you can feel the myriad feelings of the moon from different angles. The moonlight in Guilin landscape, just like the scenery here, is a painting wherever you go.

Xiangbi mountain in Guilin is also the best place to enjoy the moon in the Mid Autumn Festival. There is a water moon cave between the elephant trunk and the elephant body. The river flows through the cave. On the night of the Mid Autumn Festival, when the bright moon is in the sky, you drive a boat into the water moon cave, showing the spectacle of "the bright moon at the bottom of the water, the bright moon floating on the water; if the water doesn't flow to the moon, the moon will return to the water" in March.


Beidaihe District Sea, Qinhuangdao City Beidaihe Beach back to Lianfeng mountain. Lianfeng mountain is divided into two peaks in the East and the west, with a distance of about 3 li. There are forests of pines and cypresses at the top and the bottom of the mountain. The East Lianfeng mountain is 130 meters above sea level. It can be reached from the mountain path to the sea watching Pavilion at the mountain point. Overlooking the seashore, the green jungle, the goose yellow fluffy beach, and the blue sea make people relaxed and happy. Beidaihe District of Qinhuangdao city is one of the nine scenic spots in Shenzhou. Beidaihe District is located at the seaside of Beidaihe, and Yingjiao Pavilion at the northeast end is the best place.


Dali has a different minority culture. This mid autumn festival, together with Bai people, we will enjoy the bright moon on the Erhai sea, listen to love songs, and wait for our loved ones in the full moon.

Many people regard Dali as a paradise. Its beauty has a sense of mystery. The best place to enjoy the moon in Dali is by the Erhai sea, which is one of the four famous sceneries in Dali. Erhai Lake and Cangshan Mountain have snow scenery, and the moon is sparkling. Every Mid Autumn Festival, Bai people will row their wooden boats to Erhai Lake to enjoy the moon and eat moon cakes. Young girls and boys also need to sing to win the hearts of lovers.