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Why should I sterilize a cat? What's the advantage of sterilizing a cat?

for families with pet cats and dogs, in fact, it is very necessary for pet cats to have sterilization operation to prevent the occurrence of stray cats and the occurrence of disasters. So how to care for pet cats after sterilization operation?

Sterilization is a surgical procedure to remove the ovaries of the female (the uterus may also be removed to reduce the risk of disease) or the testes of the male. The sterilization of cats is performed under anesthesia. Successful sterilization can recover quickly and will not cause any harm to the cat's health. ;

After physiological maturity, the operation can be performed at the age of 6-8 months. The best way to avoid operation in estrus period is to wait a few days after the end of estrus.

Oestrus usually lasts about a week. The expression of estrus is rolling and howling. Press the tail root of the female cat gently, she will instinctively raise PP, extend the tail to one side of the body, and have foot phenomenon

It is best to have the vaccine injected for at least two weeks before the operation.

Fasting for eight hours and water for four hours before operation.

The weight of the cat is the absolute basis for the amount of anaesthetic given to the cat by the doctor. The risk of surgery, almost half of the control from the amount of anesthetic. A little more anesthetic will directly lead to a long coma, brain and nerve damage, and even euthanasia. So weighing is very important.

It's better to weigh the cat at home. In this way, the cat is more relaxed and accurate. Weigh again after arriving at the hospital to reduce the error.

Male operation: the scrotum is cut longitudinally, and the testicles and some vas deferens are removed.

Female cat operation: open the lower abdominal cavity, remove the ovary and part or all of the uterus. If the operation only removes the ovaries, the cat may regenerate

The general specification of the internal suture used in the operation should be 3 / 0 line. It is better to use the specially packed catgut suture for internal suture.

The principle of recovery acupuncture (anesthetic antagonist) after operation is to excite the cat's nerves under anesthesia. Improper use may lead to increased intracranial pressure and death. The ratio of dosage and anesthetic is 1:1, that is to say, several ml of anesthetic is injected, and then several ml of awake needle is injected.

Cats may excrete a large amount of urine after injection of anesthetics (in most cases before waking up), and a urine pad can be laid under the cat's body.

After the operation, we must strictly control the food intake. Because antibiotics are still being used at this time (it is better to use antibiotics for three days after the operation of the female cat), which has a certain impact on the digestive system. The digestive system of the cat has just recovered. If a large amount of food with high animal protein is fed at this time, the consequences may be very serious. 3-4 times a day, less food and more meals are recommended. It is suggested to use Hill & rsquo; s a / D rehabilitation can and nutrition cream.

In addition, we should also pay attention to the disinfection of the home environment, you can choose either Dido or Weikang (special disinfectant for pets). One day before the operation, the family should be disinfected thoroughly, especially the dead corners under the bed, under the sofa and on the top of the wardrobe.

After the operation, let the cat drink more water, which is conducive to the metabolism of anesthetics. The normal amount of drinking water in a day for cats is about 40-60ml. If the cat does not take the initiative to drink water after the operation, it can be fed with a 10ml needle tube with the needle removed. From the side of the cat's mouth, which is behind the dog's teeth, push a little water in the mouth first. When the cat touches the water, it will lick it with its tongue. At this time, push more water, wait for the cat to swallow, and then repeat the above practice.

The defecation will be soft and normal after the operation. It is possible that the defecation will be resumed 2 or 3 days after the operation.