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How can succulent plants not die? How often is it watered?

those of us who like nature but can't go outdoors often will choose to plant green plants at home. For white-collar workers in the office, the most common one is the succulent plant. The small and lovely succulent plant is deeply liked by many people, but some people can easily die if they raise succulent plants. Do you know what's going on?

① Is it really good to take care of?

As a matter of fact, I started to plant simply and casually. As a result, I put away many empty pots within one month. Later, I found that all kinds of varieties will change in different seasons. I heard three words of greasy sunshine, air and water. These three elements should be adjusted according to the situation.

② What can be done to accelerate wilting?

There are many ways to kill them, please refer to the following guidelines for succulent death:

1. Water every day. (most of them grow up in hard environment and don't overindulge)

2. Water in the middle of the day. (the water will get hot immediately, and then the basin will be like a steam chamber, and the root will be stuffy

3. There is no hole in the bottom of the basin. (because the root needs air circulation, it can speed up the water circulation)

4. summer. (especially in Taiwan in summer. It's very hot and humid. I've cleared a lot of empty pots in summer.)

5. pests. (the most terrible is the pink scale insect. The medicine can't kill it at times. The powder on the body will take the medicine away and try to stab one with a needle.)

6. bacteria. (it often happens that the jelly leaves fall on the surface soil and start to rot and infect the whole plant)

③ What should we pay attention to?

1. Long time sunshine, fleshy growth in similar desert environment, when the sunshine is not strong enough, you will find that the distance between each leaf begins to lengthen, which is not gorgeous or lovely.

2. According to the variety of water, the amount of water will be studied carefully. According to my home environment (full-time photo, canopy, ventilation on the fifth floor), the temperature difference between autumn, winter, day and night is large. Near winter, I will choose to water for 1-2 weeks, depending on the situation in summer, when it is too hot in spring and autumn, less water will be poured once a month. Some varieties are easy to dry and need to be occasionally sprayed with mist or moved to the sunshade area.

3. The medium is the most important. If you want to raise the meat well, you must carefully discuss this part. The environment, varieties and watering habits all have their own formulas. My lazy match method, the bottom layer uses large particles of coal scorch stone, the middle layer uses medium particles, each famous meaty shop will sell special medium formula, which is still not suitable for environmental factors. It is recommended to buy and mix the middle and middle layers of the medium, and the bottom layer is equipped with super hydrophobic medium, which can prevent itchy hands from pouring through the soil to prevent the root from rotting. It is better to lay a single color of red jade on the surface soil, which is simple and beautiful.

④ Different kinds of care?

1. Part of cactus is placed in a pot with a hole in summer, and it is poured thoroughly until it is full of water. Because of the growing season, it needs nutrients very much.

2. The common Crassulaceae should be careful of sultry heat, whether the sunshine is sufficient, and whether the water is too much. Low sunlight will make their necks grow ugly. (common in Japan and Europe where the climate is dry and cold, most of the succulents are bright red and full)

3. Liliaceae and Compositae children like drinking water very much. In summer, add water mist with a water sprayer, otherwise it is easy to empty the basin.

4. The Euphorbiaceae should pay special attention to the fact that they are not easy to keep. They will have white milk in their wounds. As long as you touch them, you should wash your hands thoroughly or simply wear gloves. Once, when you touch the milk, you should wash your hands three times. But after rubbing your eyes, you should immediately start burning your eyes and tears, and stop after the emergency treatment. If you directly enter your eyes, you may be blind.

5. If you want to put plants indoors, the air pineapple is more suitable, and you can also live well in the air-conditioning room. Sometimes when you dry the water and soak it for 15 minutes, you should straighten it immediately. Remember to dry it quickly after soaking, so as not to rot roots.

⑤ Can I have more meat indoors?

It's not recommended to keep it indoors. It's usually sultry indoors, and it's more difficult to mix the water. If there's no sunshine, it will become strange, but the pineapple just mentioned is suitable.

⑥ Recommend taking good care of plants?

The following are recommended for succulent plants: Misty moon (commonly used for stone lotus, which grows and lives casually, and drizzles in the wild), Bai Ji's dance and butterfly's dance (when a typhoon comes, it doesn't need to harvest, it has strong vitality, and leaves fall, it will grow branches again), Lace Princess and immortal bird (known as the succulent devil, who has roots in the ground, grows a bunch of children, falls in another basin and grows as usual, and takes over accidentally The whole garden), cactus (blooming in spring), jade string series (emerald and succulent like a waterfall, easy to explode), and green bell, string moon (growing like a waterfall, with plum and tasty flowers).

⑦ Do you attract mosquitoes?

There are fewer mosquitoes, but if the soil is too dry, it will attract ants to build nests. If the soil is too stuffy, the weather will attract scale insects. There are other aphids, spiders, caterpillars, centipedes, etc. unknown insects are often found in plants. In addition to regular spraying, I'm determined to directly spray a pile of pesticides. It's not recommended to have children and pets at home.

⑧ What about a sick or withered leaf?

Don't worry too much about a single withered leaf. Plants also need to convert their old leaves to retain nutrients. Try to keep the leaves completely dry and drop by themselves. New plants will grow at the joint between the semi dry state and the stem, and the plants are easy to start growing randomly. If the jelly leaves are not dry, pull them out immediately. Check whether the stems or roots are black. If you see it, handle it with clean scissors immediately. Take the plants out of the basin and put them in a cool and ventilated place for observation. If it is caused by scale insects, kill them one by one immediately, and pay attention to whether there is any omission in the dense part of the leaves. Then take off the basin and brush all the soil with a toothbrush, and soak it in alcohol water for sterilization and disinfection.

⑨ How long does it take to water?

In the cool season (October to March), water once a week or two, and do not water in rainy days or too strong sunlight. Water once a month in the hot and humid season (April to September), but water thoroughly according to the situation. It's better to skip the occasional spray fog in the rainy season.

⑩ Do you need to change soil or add auxiliary fertilizer?

Most of the succulent plants bought in the common flower market are accompanied by the culture soil. You must remember to change the medium. Because the culture soil is too full of water, centipedes often appear in the hair. In addition, there are uncertain factors such as insect eggs, ant colonies and so on in the foreign soil. It is recommended to buy back to change the soil. The rice washing water for my family is long, simple, natural and clean, and chemical fertilizer can also be selected.