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A liar's confession reveals the routine of health care industry how to deceive the elderly

Before we talk about this topic, let's first look at a set of data! In China, half of the elderly have bought health care products! Are there many elderly people around you who often eat some health food or medicine for their own health? In fact, these are the routines of those illegal traders. Let's take a look together.

According to the latest survey data of China Health Care Association, the annual sales volume of health care products in China is about 200 billion yuan, of which the consumption of the elderly accounts for more than 50%. According to the survey, more than 65% of the elderly have used health products. In the access channel of health care products, nearly 66% of the elderly buy health care products because of company promotion and advertising.

In order to let you have a more intuitive experience of the health care industry, we have prepared such a real story for you, which is a liar's self-report......

Liar: How did I empty the old man's wallet!

This is a true story......

Step 1: Brainwashing

In this step, I changed from a college student to a liar after being brainwashed, and then I went to brainwash the old man to cheat.

After graduation, I came to a 'biotechnology' company, and later I knew that it was actually the sales of health products.

After signing the contract with the company, my classmates and I were arranged to attend a one week closed training. After the training, I was sent to a 'health center' which has been open for more than six years to study. There are elderly people who have bought health care products for more than five years.

Those old people who buy health care products for a long time may not recognize health care products in their hearts, but they need self-identity and self justification. When others ask if they are good at health care products, in order to maintain face, the old people will say yes. No old man is willing to admit that he is stupid, 'if not, isn't this a slap on his face?' I was brainwashed by the company, and then brainwashed by these 'stubborn' old men. I almost believe in the magic effect of health care products.

Health care product salesmen should master the "script", send flyers, pull people into the store, group purchase, send gifts, old "customers" educate new "customers, and focus on the development of customer type & hellip; every meeting, there is a process in the meeting minutes.

Step 2: Pioneer

In this step, we should study the elderly, get trust from the elderly, and use the health care expert routine for the elderly!

Before long, several colleagues and I were sent to another area to 'pioneer' and build a new 'health center'. The 'health center' is located in an old community, where there are many elderly people.

Every morning, we yelled to pull the old man to take blood pressure measurement in the shop, and talked with the old man in a very kind tone. The old man would not resist. The company has a special person to train the salesmen of health care products, and a set of theory and knowledge system, which must be learned by heart.

We usually don't call them grandparents. We call them aunts and uncles. Because they look younger!

Health care products can't be called health care products. They can say "health care food". With the word "food", the old people will easily let go of their guard!

Chat is still about 'filtering customers'. A box of health care products costs thousands of yuan or even tens of thousands of yuan. Whether the elderly have money, how much money they have, and whether they manage their own money are directly related to whether they can afford health care products and which price range they can afford health care products.

In order to study customers, we will hold a 5-hour meeting every night when we close at 6:00 p.m., four or five people think about an old man, analyze their personality, family and income situation, and make plans for the next day. The content of the plan includes determining the next conversation topic with the elderly. Sometimes it will be detailed to what to say in the first sentence when meeting the elderly and how to respond after the elderly respond to different situations.

The 'health club' often organizes' health meetings' to attract the elderly with eggs, rice and 'ecological health cups'. Just let the old man think 'this cup is very good, it will be free to you when it comes'.

The most important step is to invite some so-called "health experts". In fact, they are liars who help us cheat the elderly. They may not understand any medical and health knowledge.

At the end of the lecture, we will cooperate with the host to applaud and applaud, so as to make the whole venue 'hot blooded'. Many old people don't believe it, but because they take eggs, rice and soap, they often don't question us publicly.

In order to sell products, we will create the illusion of "hungry marketing" and "promotion of preferential policies". When we buy, we need the elderly to count and check the goods, and advise the elderly to eat them on the spot. Even accompany the old man to the bank to withdraw money and complete the transaction on the spot. The old man will not refuse in the end because of his affection.

Step 3: cheat

In this step, use the old man's compassion and 'health care expert' to cheat!

I cheated the largest amount of elderly is aunt Ni, 82 years old, his wife has died, his children are working in other places, the monthly pension has more than 2000 yuan, is our eyes' quality customers'. Aunt Ni always said that her condition was not good, and I never forced her to buy. Instead, we had a conversation like this:

Aunt Ni: my family conditions are really not good. My monthly pension is only over 2000 yuan. Your health care product costs more than 45 million yuan. I can't afford it at all!

I: Aunt Ni is OK. The company has stipulated that we should talk about the products to the customers who come to the store. When you come to our store, it's your business to buy or not, but it's my business to talk about or not. Otherwise, the company will pay us, and I'm uneasy.

Aunt Ni: how much is your company every month?

Me: our monthly base salary is 1800, and there will be some commission.

Aunt Ni: is that because I bought your product, you will have a commission?

I: Yes, a large box of health care products is generally charged 200 yuan.

Aunt Ni: it's not easy for the young man to come out to work. Tell me about your products. I'd like to hear hellip;

In fact, my base salary is 2500 yuan, and the Commission is not only 200, but 8%. It's just to make the elderly feel that I'm hard-working and compassionate. Aunt Ni did believe it, and listened to me carefully.

Later, after a "health lecture", I arranged aunt Ni and "health experts" to have a consultation. At that time, there were only three of us in the room. The "health experts" diagnosed aunt Ni's condition very accurately.

I kept asking 'health experts' and' natto 'if it would be good for Aunt Ni's health. After confirming the benefits, I'm still trying to get benefits from the health care expert. 'health experts' are hesitant to give them. But I finally let go under my "hard and soft" and promised to sell a large box of "natto" worth more than 8000 yuan and a series of gifts to Aunt Ni. 'health care expert' also said to Aunt Ni in a very mysterious whisper: 'elder sister, this discount is really not many, few people in the city can get it, you must not tell others when you go out. '

The day before the consultation, I introduced aunt Ni's condition to the health care expert. This consultation is more like the "double reed" directed in advance. The so-called "discount" is just the product of our acting.

Aunt Ni later bought more than 12000 yuan worth of health care products. In a month and a half, she spent more than 20000 yuan, and I got 1600 yuan Commission.

After the "health care experts" gave lectures, "collection" became the focus of work.

Alert: a large number of Chinese old people are being looted!

In recent years, some so-called health care products companies have played a big role in cheating the elderly to buy 'health care products', bedding, eggs, toothbrushes, all of which have been sent away! Most of the elderly have been brainwashed, and more of them are willing to be cheated.

Previously, CCTV's "focus interview" launched a series of "please pay attention to my parents" to expose the pattern fraud. In the first phase of the "marketing" scam of health care products, countless old people have been recruited! In fact, the main means of the "marketing" scam of health care products is the same. II.

Conference marketing, as the name implies, is to gather people together in the name of meetings, lectures, etc. in fact, it is to promote products. Many old people often receive such invitations to attend lectures and buy back some health food or health products such as mattresses and pillows. These products often cost tens of thousands of yuan, but when the elderly find out that the products have no special effect, they have no way to complain, and finally they can only suffer dumb losses.

Truth: health products can't cure diseases!

Nowadays, many health care products claim to be aimed at the common diseases of the elderly, such as lumbago and leg pain, endocrine disorders, poor sleep, etc., which are blown to the ceiling. Experts said that the essence of health products is just a kind of food, it is impossible to cure!

Finally, after reading this article, I quickly transferred it to my family,

Don't let our parents be cheated again!