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Can I have tea after eating hairy crabs? How about eating crabs and drinking tea?

In daily life, hairy crab is a very common food, it contains rich nutrients, tastes delicious, and is loved by people, but there are many taboos to eat hairy crab, so can you drink tea after eating hairy crab?

Can I have tea after eating hairy crabs?

You can't drink tea after eating hairy crab.

Hairy crabs are rich in protein, while tea contains a lot of tea polyphenols, which will react with the protein in hairy crabs, which is harmful to health. And the sexual taste of hairy crabs and some tea can not be eaten together. Therefore, you can't drink tea when eating hairy crabs.

What are the consequences of drinking tea after eating hairy crabs

Waste nutrition

When the rich protein in hairy crab comes into contact with a large number of tea polyphenols in tea, it will appear protein complexation precipitation, which is not conducive to digestion, affects the absorption of protein and tea polyphenols, and will cause the waste and loss of nutrients.

Suffer from diarrhea

After eating together with tea, hairy crabs suffer from indigestion. Then they are cold and give the intestine a smooth effect, which is easy to cause diarrhea. If drinking cold tea, diarrhea will be more serious.

Dilute gastric juice

After eating hairy crabs, drink tea. A large amount of water will enter the stomach, dilute the gastric juice, weaken the digestion, increase the digestion time, and easily distend the stomach.

Cold constitution

Hairy crabs are cold, most of the tea is also cold, such as green tea, Pu'er raw tea, etc., so when they are eaten together, they will have a cold body, which is not good for health.

How to stop drinking tea immediately after eating hairy crabs

If you drink tea after eating hairy crabs, stop drinking tea and eating other food immediately, observe for about 2 hours to avoid discomfort.

Drink brown sugar and ginger tea

Hairy crabs are cold and easy to loose stomach when eaten with tea. Therefore, you can drink some brown sugar and ginger tea. Both brown sugar and ginger have the effect of warming the body and dispelling cold, weakening the cold air in the intestine, and not easy to cause diarrhea.

See a doctor

If hairy crabs have serious diarrhea after eating tea together, they should go to see a doctor immediately to avoid serious physical discomfort.

How long can I have tea after eating hairy crabs?

You can have tea 2 to 4 hours after eating hairy crabs.

It takes 2 to 4 hours to digest the protein in the stomach. The protein is completely decomposed into polypeptide, amino acid and other components, and it will not react with tea polyphenol again. Therefore, tea can be drunk after 2 to 4 hours, and cold tea should be drunk after 8 hours to avoid discomfort due to too cold.

What can I drink after eating hairy crabs? After eating hairy crabs, I can drink some warm and cold dispelling drinks, such as rice wine, white wine, vinegar, ginger tea, brown sugar water, etc., which can remove the cold air accumulated due to eating hairy crabs, so as to avoid the situation of cold constitution and diarrhea.