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How to eat hairy crabs with delicious taste? Illustration and demonstration of detailed eating metho

The hairy crab with delicious taste is the favorite of many people, but for those who eat it for the first time, they don't know how to eat it. Today, Xiaobian will show you how to eat it in detail. Before and after September of the lunar calendar, the gonads of female crabs are mature and the meat is plump; after October of the lunar calendar, the gonads of male crabs are mature and the meat is plump, so they should be eaten timely.

The right way to eat hairy crabs the taste of hairy crabs has many flavors with different parts. According to the gourmand, the thigh meat is short and thin, with the same taste as the dried scallops; the leg meat, with the long and delicate silk, is as beautiful as the silver fish; the body meat of the crab, white and crystal, is better than the white fish; the crab yellow, with the wonderful taste is hard to describe.

Step 1: use scissors to cut off eight feet of hairy crab and two tongs.

Step 2: remove the crab intestines (a small part of the belly button of the crab). (it's not suitable to eat any viscera, because of the accumulation of heavy metals, it's easy to be poisoned if you eat more. )

Step 3: open the crab cover, scoop out the triangular and conical part of the crab stomach in the middle of the cover with a small spoon and discard it, then enjoy the crab yellow on the cover.

Step 4: cut off the excess lung and mouth with scissors.

Step 5: use the spoon handle to pick out and discard a hexagonal piece in the middle of the crab body, that is, the crab heart, and then enjoy the crab roe. (it is said that the crab's heart is extremely cold, and people who are weak may have stomach trouble after eating. )

Step 6: break the crab into two parts, and you can see the silky crab meat. As long as you tear along the crab feet, you can tear out the crab meat.

Step 7: use scissors to cut crab legs into three sections. The last section of crab toes can be used as tools.

Step 8: first, poke out the meat in the middle of the crab leg with the sharp end of the crab foot; the meat in the front of the crab leg is poked out with the thick end of the crab foot.

Step 9: divide the crab tongs into three parts. Cut the shell of the crab directly in the first two parts and scoop out the meat with a spoon.

Step 10: use your hands to break the two pincers in the opposite direction. The pincers are completely separated. Cut off the two sides of the pincers, and you can pick out the meat to enjoy.