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Do you use the right method to remove moisture from your body

Too much moisture in the body is a very troublesome problem for women. It will not only affect all aspects of our health, but also lead to our body edema. In addition, too much moisture in the body will lead to a lack of Qi and blood in women, resulting in sticky stool, dysmenorrhea and other problems. In order to solve the problem of removing moisture in the body, let's take a look at what effective methods are available and what we should pay attention to at ordinary times.

On the one hand, we should avoid the cold and humid environment at ordinary times to prevent excessive moisture from entering our bodies. Even in summer, we should also pay attention to avoid eating too much cold and cool food, such as ice drink, ice cream, ice watermelon and so on. At the same time, do not stay in the air conditioning room for a long time, and the air conditioning temperature should not be too low. After washing our hair, we should dry it in time, and don't sleep with wet hair, which has a great impact on our body.

On the other hand, sweating can help us get rid of moisture. First of all, we can exercise more at ordinary times to make ourselves sweat, which can not only eliminate the moisture in the body, but also increase immunity and promote health. In addition, you can soak your feet in warm water before going to bed every day, especially in summer and autumn, until you sweat properly, which can help us get rid of dampness. At the same time, there are also sweat steaming and other very healthy ways to grasp the degree, which have a very good effect on eliminating dampness and detoxification.

The third method is traditional Chinese medicine. For people who have too much moisture in their bodies, we can help them to get rid of it by cupping and moxibustion. At the same time, you can also prepare a scraping plate at home, which can be used for special parts, or for three li, three yin points and other positions.

The fourth method is dietotherapy. This method can help us to improve our body function. The first is red beans and job's tears rice porridge. Do not add rice, because rice is cold food. You can add some mung beans and hawthorn. The second is ginger and brown sugar soup, which can be used when the human body is cold. The third kind is Angelica longan red date egg soup, which is usually very useful for people who need to replenish qi and warm blood.