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Ginkgo fruit effect and effect ginkgo fruit eat more can be poisoned?

can Ginkgo biloba be poisoned if eaten too much? When I was in University, there was a ginkgo tree on the campus. Every year, the leaves of ginkgo tree fell in autumn. It's so beautiful! Have you ever eaten ginkgo tree? Ginkgo tree can not only be used as a delicacy, but also as a medicine. But this white fruit can't be eaten much, because it has certain toxicity, so we should pay attention to it.

Modern science has proved that Ginkgo biloba seed kernel has the effect of anti Escherichia coli, diphtheria, Staphylococcus, tuberculosis and Streptococcus. Ginkgo biloba seed kernel is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat asthma, chronic tracheitis, tuberculosis, leucorrhea, drenching, spermatorrhea and other diseases.

Ginkgo biloba seed kernel also has the effect of removing spots and wrinkles, and treating sores and ringworm. For patients with cough and thin phlegm, take 30g ginkgo seed kernel and 15g ice sugar Decoction and take them twice a day for half a month; for children with enuresis, use 5 ginkgo seed kernels to simmer and take them before going to bed every night for half a month.

Ginkgo fruit should not be eaten more

Ginkgo biloba, also known as Ginkgo biloba, has the effect of eliminating phlegm, relieving cough and moistening the lung, which has a certain effect on the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. However, Ginkgo biloba contains cyanogen glycosides, gingko phenols, white fruit acids and other toxic substances, among which the content of green plumule is the highest.

Ginkgo biloba fruit has slight toxicity. Although it will not cause death in general, eating too much will cause physical discomfort, such as nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, mental distress, dyspnea, coma, pupil's slow response to light or disappearance and other symptoms.

Ancient medical books once recorded: 'a little food is OK, and then food makes people angry, and more food makes people dizzy. In the past, people used to take too much food and want to die. Again: children eat more, faint, Huo and scared. Once upon a time, those who were hungry were satisfied with white fruits instead of food, and died the next day.

Adults should not eat too much at a time, and children should eat less.

Avoid raw eating

In general, if you eat Ginkgo biloba raw, children will eat about 20 pieces of Ginkgo biloba, and adults will eat about 50 pieces of Ginkgo biloba.

After eating raw, poisoning symptoms usually occur within 1-12 hours, such as nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea and dyspnea. Immature Ginkgo biloba skin also contains toxins, skin contact may cause pruritus, allergies, so must not eat raw ginkgo.